The Deal Dash Deal You Deserve

DealDash ipad won

I have been a member of Deal Dash for almost two years. In fact, my two year anniversary is coming up in one month on May 22nd. I have purchased many items using the buy it now feature to get my bids back and I have been able to get some real good deals.

One of my best wins is the white Apple iPad Mini 16GB. I won this during a 50% off promotion – this is where the winner only pays half of the final sales price. I paid a total of $7.89 with free shipping and used 199 bids at 15¢ per bid. That comes to $29.85 worth of bids + $7.89 = $37.74 total price including the cost of my bids.

Some of the best bidding tips and advice I can share is for you to keep a count of the number of bids you are using. Make sure you know when you are coming close to bidding the equal value of the item so you don’t over bid or over spend. There’s a good article called Surprisingly Simple Calculation To Help You Determine How Many Bids To Use Before Stopping which I recommend you read to get a good idea about knowing when exactly to stop bidding. 

My Deal Dash bidding strategy is to always stop bidding at the point it is time to use the buy it now feature and get my bids back. Take it from my experience that when bidding, even at 15 cents per bid, it does not take long to spend a considerable amount of money. So be careful, count your bids, know exactly how many bids you are going to use in the auction, and do not over spend; otherwise you’re not getting the deal you deserve.

– Bigr74