DealDash Customer Service

Customer Phone Interview with DealDash Employee

DealDash Customer Service

“I’ve just had a call with Gina from Ohio! She’s been shopping with DealDash since 2012 but only really started bidding earlier this year.” – Chris, DealDash employee.

Here are the questions Gina answered while speaking with Chris over at DealDash.

What items do you generally bid on?

Mainly gift cards but if I see something that could be good for my three sons then I’ll bid on it. I like to watch to see what the competition is like. ”I throw 10 bids in and see who bites!”

What items would you like to see?

Garden Furniture (Table and Chairs) and Swing sets. Also, battery powered cars for my kids.

Have you had any issues with delivery?

Not at all. Thought the delivery was really fast.

Have you had to contact Customer Support at all?

Once, the customer service rep was super happy. 🙂

Best DealDash Win?

Won a DeWalt Drill set for my oldest son for $2.06 which is worth $200. He uses it for work and loves it.
DeWalt Drill Set Won on DealDash

Any Frustrations?

Bidders who push the auction to the $5 No New Bidder Limit. Feel these people have too much money! As I watch auctions before diving in, I wont bid when I see overbidding. Also I want to see a bigger variety of items on the site. Chris: With new supplier partnerships DealDash is forming, this should be something everyone will notice – a lot more products going forward.

How is the mobile experience?

Did struggle with navigation initially. Was not sure about the ‘Burger Menu’. I have my own site and think it would be good to have an info bar that pops up, letting new customers know all the different icons on the page. I use an iPhone so have not experienced the Android App.

Overall Experience?

Love it! I have referred over 25 colleagues and friends to the site. They have subsequently won loads of items too.

Thank you Gina for the wonderful phone call. Good luck in the up-coming auctions!


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