DealDash Vacay: Planning Your Spring Break


It’s time to start thinking about spring break. DealDash is here to help you plan some ideas.

Spring break is on its way. While we realize that doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone, we like to think of it as a good way to reset ourselves and prepare for all that spring has to offer. Spring break is the beginning of budding flowers and trees. It’s the beginning of the warmer weather that we all enjoy. So, we want to focus on a few options that could allow you to enjoy Spring break even more. Read on for some suggestions from DealDash.

Mini Vacay Time!

Try taking a mini-vacation. When people think of Spring break, they think of the beaches in California or Florida. They’re too expensive and, honestly, who wants to deal with all of the college parties? I’d much rather find something quiet for my family to enjoy. Look for something a little closer to home. You can go a state away and find a city that allows you to be a tourist.

Want to Travel a Little Further?

If you’re really set on traveling for Spring break, consider alternate warm locations. While everyone thinks of the beaches, how many people think of going to Utah or Nevada? If you don’t have any kids to worry about, you can try Vegas. If you’re looking for something more family-friendly, try going to Utah and seeing all of the parks and monuments. Spend time taking pictures or hiking. You’ll be amazed at how much quieter it is when you move inland rather than toward the oceans.

Learn a New Skill or Craft

Try learning something new this Spring break. You could focus on a craft like making your own jewelry or scrapbooking. If you have children, another great option may be learning a new sport. Nothing will help build confidence in your child-like learning how to play baseball next to them. If your child already plays a sport, let them teach you how to play. It will build knowledge, confidence, and it will help bring you closer.

Get Fun Outdoor Activities on DealDash

Now that spring is on its way you will be able to go outside and get some fresh air and sunshine pretty soon. You will be able to do some fun outdoor activities in the next month or two. DealDash‘s Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games category is an excellent place to fun and exciting outdoor activities. DealDash has sports equipment, bikes, and toys.

Thanks for Reading

Spring break is a great time to relax and have some fun. These tips will help you keep yourself occupied during spring break. Thanks so much for reading this article on spring break fun.

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