DealDash Frugal: Grill for Less


If you had a BBQ for the 4th of July, you probably spent too much money. Next time, grill for less with these tips from DealDash.

Good news, the American BBQ is in season, and delicious staples like hot dogs, steak, hamburgers, and corn on the cob are roasting on grills across the country. The bad news is that hosting a backyard barbecue can burn a hole through your wallet. So how are you able to economize this summer? Read this article and discover some tips from DealDash to help you save.

Keep it Simple – DealDash Can Help

To begin with, walking down any grilling aisle and you will be bombarded with a trove of pricy accessories. However, the sole accessories you actually need are long tongs, a thermometer for inside the grill, and a propane tank or lump charcoal. That’s it! You can skip the basting brushes, rotisserie, grill brushes, trays, skewers, gloves, and grilling shears. They aren’t needed if you simply can’t justify their cost. You can also use items you might already have such as baking sheets and cast iron skillets to bake and cook desserts on the grill.

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Don’t Let Anything Go to Waste

Also, this might seem silly to mention, but a way to save is to not let anything go to waste. As a matter of fact, kitchen waste is a huge problem not only at home but in restaurants and grocery stores as well. So a great way to save money is to not waste your scraps and bones when you grill.

You can easily use those scraps in another recipe. You can chop them up finely and mix them with ground hamburger to make meatballs or meatloaf, or you can toss them into a tomato sauce to make a wonderful pasta dinner. If you have bones leftover from grilling you can make a delicious broth to use as a base for a soup or stew. By using these scraps and bones you can save plenty of money by stretching out your food for another meal or two.

Thanks for Reading

These are just a few of the ways you can be frugal when you’re grilling to save some money. By taking the time to use these tips you will have a much better time in preparing food on your grill. Thanks so much for reading this article on being frugal while grilling.

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