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Winning on DealDash is an exciting way to save big on everything from toilet paper to top name electronics.

There is really no one way or no one secret someone can offer that will allow you to win every time. However with patience and a combination of different strategies, you can grab savings of up to 99%.

In my opinion, the first thing you should do is become familiar with many of the bidders who frequent the site. This takes time and effort. You probably see their names pop up on auctions you are bidding on. Before acting on an auction, check out the competition and take note of their bidding behaviors.

The testing the waters bidder

These players will place 1 to 5 bids just to get a feel of auction, or to check how many players use BidBuddy by placing some bids into the BidBuddy rotation. They come and go quickly, however, every once in a while, if they feel there are few bidders entering the game, they might stand a chance of winning and will remain in the auction.

The thrifty bidder

While a number of bidders drop out of an auction after 25-50 bids, you are left with the ones that will take it all the way to retail. Those bidders stand a good chance of winning by hanging in there while everyone else gives up. When some of THOSE players reach their BIN limit, they will drop out and buy the item to get their bids back.

The over bidder

Just because that player hit the retail mark, it doesn’t mean he/she has to stop. This is when you run into the overbidder, and they can be cruel! Overbidders tend to be players who have been bidding from early in the auction, and if they don’t win the item, they will bid up until everyone else who came in late is paying retail, too. Then, they strategically drop out at the last moment, use BIN and get all their bids back, while everyone bidding against him/her barely walk away from a deal.

The win at all costs bidder

At the very top-level of bidders to watch for are those that want to win at all costs. Seriously, they have either lost grip with reality or are stinking rich! This play, usually in from the beginning, will refuse to lost at any cost, no matter what the cost. Have you ever seen someone bid twice the value of the item and win it? For these hard-core gamers, it IS whether you win or lose. They just want the win.

The I only want Bed Bath and Beyond gift cards bidder

Knowing what items certain players favor can help you predict future behavior. Currently, there is one DealDasher who seems to bid on every single Bed Bath and Beyond card all the way to retail and then some! Once you see that player in that auction, your best bet is to wait them out or you will be bidding right up to retail with them.

The newbie bid jumper time stealing bidder

These bidders are mostly newbies, maybe just joined the site and are stoked at the idea of getting free bids when they are at highest bidder. They don’t realize yet they are taking time away from others, or just don’t care. These are not the bidders you need to worry about, because they usually blow through all their bids quickly and disappear. Set up a bid buddy and wait them out. Yes you do lose time, but in the grand scheme of things it’s not worth blowing through your own bids to “teach him a lesson.”

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Now that you have an idea of the different categories of bidding behavior, you can make better choices as to which auction to bid in. DealDash offers any chances to get an item you are interested in. Do a search and bookmark the item you want. Set your BidBuddy as close to auction start as possible. Then watch the auction. If you see names you know to avoid, cancel your bid buddy.

Think about what that bidder may or may not do and proceed accordingly. DealDash is wonderful in that if you make the wrong choice, you can always Buy-It-Now and get your bids back. If you chose not to bid at all after watching the competition, don’t worry,

DealDash probably has the items coming up again soon and you can try again. For me, the fun comes when I am able to recognize an auction I can win and then I ACTUALLY WIN! Knowledge is power. So sit back, watch the auctions, take notes, predict an auction end without actually bidding in it and see if you are right. With practice, you will get better, until finally, you set your BidBuddy, and be thrilled that your informed decision prediction has just placed you on the winners board.

By MrSimon

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