Survive a DealDash Family Road Trip with Sanity Intact


Not everyone likes to travel by air. Here are some tips and tricks to have a family road trip from DealDash.

When I was a kid we never went on very many family road trips, I was an only child, so it was easier and more cost-effective to just fly. However, my husband is one of three children, and their method of having a family vacation was the road trip. Read on for more information on family road trips.

Separate But Equal Entertainment

For school-aged children, it’s the best practice to have some handheld games for them in the car. Be it an iPad, some other tablet, an old cell phone with games on it, or whatever you can figure out. Each child over the age of 3 should really have their own, with things that they like on it.

If you prefer that they don’t use tablets for games, then be sure that they have something to watch. You can get very inexpensive DVD players with screens that go on the headrest of your seats. If your children are of a similar age, then they can watch the same movie. Personally, I have a 9, 5, and 1 year old, so there are very few things that appeal to all of them.

Paper Entertainment Can Be Fun

As interested in electronics as most children are, it’s easy to forget about good old-fashioned paper entertainment. It doesn’t have to be books for reading, it could be magazines, coloring books, puzzle books, mazes, paint with water books, or other types of paper entertainment. Of course, if your kids like to read, then, by all means, bring along some books. Only one out of my three can read, though, and he doesn’t even want to, so I skip the reading books.

Never Underestimate the Joy of Headphones

If your children are music fans, then why not get them each a cheap MP3/4 player and download them their favorite music? You can get very inexpensive small music players that will hold hundreds of songs. Be sure to pick up some kid-safe headphones. These headphones don’t allow the volume to be turned up any higher than a safe volume.

Some kids aren’t crazy about music. However, they still might enjoy audiobooks or even podcasts. If you have a stubborn one who doesn’t like either, then how about some headphones for yourself instead? Honestly, if you could get each of your children to wear their own headphones it will cut down on a lot of arguing on your trip.

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