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DealDash Always Finding New Ways To Reward Bidders

When I started as a bidder on DealDash in 2012, I was excited each time I reached a new level and could claim my “Free DealDash Bids” !!!

As I have continued to climb to higher levels, it has taken me longer and longer to claim those “Free Bids” I love. As always though, DealDash has listened to their faithful bidders and found new, and awesome ways to help us reach those ever increasing challenges of claiming free bids. DealDash introduced a promotion that multiplied your Time As Highest Bidder rewared 2X, 3X, and even 5X for each second you remain the high bidder in an auction, therefore reducing the time it takes you bank those free bids at each level up.

DealDash Free Bids

They also recently had a promotion that multiplied the amount of free bids added by 2 and then 3 times the amount you would normally get for moving up a level. Personally I was getting close to level up so fortunately I was able to take advantage of this promotion and claim 2X my normal free bids of 540 and bank a whopping 1080 free bids for reaching my next level !!!

Free Bids on DealDash

I am always impressed with DealDash’s desire to help us bidders and reward us in ways that help us stretch our dollars. That’s why I am a faithful DealDasher.


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