DealDash Builds a Better Office

Do you wish that you had a perfect office? Looking at pictures of offices online it seems that everyone works in an ideal space. Here are some ideas for making your personal office space more picture perfect.

If you have an office that you are currently in now – look around. What are some things that you love about your office, and what areas could use improvement? Sometimes all it takes to change something “OK” into something great is just a few small modifications.

Plants, plants, plants. If you don’t have any plant life in your office space, I advise you to stop working right now, go to the store, and pick up a plant or two. I personally prefer Bonsai Trees, Air Plants, and Succulents. If you aren’t great with keeping plants alive I suggest the Air Plant. You just need to mist it occasionally and it will live practically forever.

Sit comfortably. If your office chair is not the most comfortable chair that you’ve ever sat in, I suggest that you put “office chair” on your shopping list. You may need to go to many, many store before you find the perfect office chair. However, when you find one that is comfortable, fits your style, and is compatible with your budget – buy it! Sitting for hours can be hard on your body (and your soul) if you are uncomfortable. Make comfort a top priority.

Decorate. Are your walls bare? Or even worse, do you have horrible art up that you don’t even like? Think for a few days or even weeks what your personal style encompasses. What sort of feeling are you trying to project at work? Are you going for serenity (such as massage) or aggression (high pressure sales), or something in between? Figure out what sort of tone that you are going for…And go for it!

I hope this article has given you some ideas of how to make your office space more comfortable and perfect for you. If you’re in need of any office equipment such as computers, desks, or even office chairs come check out DealDash. DealDash has everything that you need, try the Electronics and Computers category at this link right here. Good luck and happy bidding everyone!

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