DealDash Craft Room Decoration


If you love crafting you should have a dedicated space. Having a fantastic craft space in your home makes things more fun. Let DealDash help.

Being a serious crafter means that I have to have a craft room in my house. If you do not have space for a whole craft room in your home, you only need a small space to call your own. It is easy to establish a little space to call your crafting area. Here are some ideas from DealDash to assist in your journey to having a craft space.

Where Will You Choose to Craft?

Having a whole room dedicated to crafting is best for serious crafters. Also, it is beneficial to have a window for natural light. Depending on what kind of crafts you do, you might need a GFCI outlet installed, especially if you use any sort of liquids in your craft. You can use a finished basement, a walk-in closet, a spare bedroom, or an unused dining room will also work well. You do not need tons of space, just work with what you’ve got. I currently use an extra bedroom in my house as a craft room, but I am in the process of having a dedicated craft room built.

What Goes in Your Craft Room?

After you have chosen space for your craft room you will need to figure out the big items you need first. For most crafts, you will probably need a desk or large table with an office-type chair. You might also need extra lighting, a more comfortable chair for people who hand-sew, crochet, or knit, and shelves and cabinets.

In my new craft room, I had a work table the length of the room installed with a fabric cutting channel, a sink, a desk, and a dedicated shelf for my 3D printer. You may or may not need any of these items in your new craft room, but it gives you something to think about while planning your new craft room.

Storage Saves Space – DealDash Can Help

Finally, just about every craft that I can begin to think of can benefit from shelving, racks, baskets, containers, and more. Of course, let your needs and your budget dictate what you put in in your craft area.

Most crafting involves many tiny pieces, from needles, pins, thread, stickers, staples, markers, etc. Do yourself a favor and obtain storage tubs for all of your different small supplies. Label them and fill them with your supplies. Arrange them on your shelving units, and they will look great. You can get beautiful and useful storage solutions on DealDash. You’ll find shelves, baskets, bins, and more. Just visit the Home, Garden, and Tools category at this link right here.

Thanks for Reading

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