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Colds, coughs, and sneezes are commonplace during the colder months. When is it time to worry?

No matter how seasoned a parent or grandparent is, they always wonder if they should worry about their child’s cough. Relax, there are few more widespread and frustrating symptoms than a simple cough. From experience with my own three little ones, I know it can be irritating and annoying to them when they are trying to sleep. It can sometimes even be scary when they can’t catch their breath and are wheezing.

I know it hurts our little ones’ chests to a point that you worry so much that you stay up all night and look after them. It’s important to understand that coughs differ, some may need particular attention and a doctor’s care while others need patience and support from you, not medicine. Let’s take a look at different types of children’s coughs with DealDash.

When In Doubt, Call the Doctor

If a child has a constant hacking cough that becomes severe to the point where she can’t catch her breath or speak, it’s serious. Stop reading this article and get your little kiddo to the nearest pediatrician, urgent care, or hospital for medical evaluation. The respiratory distress like constant belly breathing is not something to neglect. If you think that your child is having trouble breathing, make sure you follow the advice above. When you are in doubt, let professionals take care of this problem. If it’s a false alarm it will at least put your concerns at ease.

Listen Up.

Specific coughs have a characteristic sound depending on the cause. A barky cough which reminds you of a seal might be common croup. Croup is a viral infection of the larynx. Some medicines can come in handy with this type of a cough, and if your child makes a gasping noise as he inhales and exhales as well as the fact that he has a barky cough, then he needs a doctor to check him out, right away.

Asthma-like symptoms might cause the type of cough which sounds tight and dry. If your baby is very young or unvaccinated and he has a constant staccato-like cough, it could be whooping cough, which is quite dangerous. Antibiotics are needed for the patient as well as for yourself and all her close contacts. It’s not fun, but it’s part of being a parent.

The type of cough that is loose and comes with mucus is a wild card – it can either be sinusitis or pneumonia. This one has to be treated with antibiotics, or it could be just a simple plain virus like the common cold or even the flu. Support your child with patience and care, be there for him, he is going to need your loving care.

Treat Your Child Correctly

Once you know the type of cough that your child has, you can get the right medicine. If you even need any at all, of course. Don’t discredit the professional care measures; coughs can be painful and uncomfortable. If nothing works, seek help from a pediatrician.

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