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It’s normal for a child to not be the most attentive when you want them to listen. Here are some ideas from DealDash to help you correct the situation.

As an experienced parent or grandparent, you probably know this already, but the way you talk to your toddler is going to have a significant impact on his learning and ability to listen to you. We should always strive to become good examples for our kids. We should show as well as tell them how they should act and behave. However, we should not ignore the fact that we, as parents, are not perfect.

How Do We Communicate With Children?

Let’s look at the different types of communication that we can have with our kids. There are three different types of communication between a parent and their children, some more effective than others.

Aggressive Communication: This type of communication involves yelling, scolding, and generally speaking down to your child. At first, the children will most likely be scared and comply with you. However, they will eventually become accustomed to this type of communication and learn to tune it out and ignore it. Typically the child will emulate this communication style and use it with their peers and eventually their parents.

Passive communication:  In this type of communication, a parent uses gentle, soft words in a melodic way when their toddler is tantruming or becoming aggressive. However, parents might find it difficult to maintain their calm voice and demeanor if the child’s bad behavior continues too long. Parents are people, too, and when their limits are pushed, they might turn to aggressive communication.

Assertive communication: This is the best and most efficient way to talk to your child on all levels. The assertive type of communication is positive, clear, firm, and confident. It is considered a real skill to show an assertive tone yet still be empathetic to your child when they are having a meltdown. 

Using Assertive Communication

When a parent uses assertive communication they will have success if they are confident and calm. Be sure to make eye contact with your child, even if you have to get down to their level. This is how they learn how to be good listeners.

When you are a good listener it shows the ability to respect others. If your child is still a toddler you can repeat your child’s name until they make eye contact. As a parent, you need to try to listen and make eye contact as well. Assertive communication is a two-way street.

Be Empathetic and Listen

Try not to interrupt your child when they are speaking to you, especially when they are telling you a story. Kids tend to lose interest in sharing their feelings with you after they see that you are shifting away from their story to teach them something.

Your conversations with your children should be a priority for you. Take the time and effort to grow the relationship and your communication skills. The more interest that you show when your child is trying to tell you something, the more likely they are to reciprocate. 

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