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Stop wasting your precious time with procrastination. Get organized, get your life together, with DealDash.

Do you have a roommate? Let’s hope his name isn’t Mr. Household Clutter! If you are a parent, especially a mom, you should know by now that the most common clutter hot-spot is your children’s bedroom. Clutter can also become a real pain in your office, so here are some tips that will help you organize your stuff and make you comfortable. Stop procrastinating, and let DealDash help you!

Find a Home for Your Items

This is one of the reasons why you always lose everything – your items don’t have a home. It’s almost like all of your clutter is traveling through another universe! I’m you know what I mean, right? It’s a fact, trying to find your lost items in places you never thought about is not the greatest experience. This is why you must stop this behavior and act on it by stopping the procrastination and getting to work. 

Make sure all of your items “live” somewhere, especially if it’s something that you use frequently. Also, make sure the storage place is easy to access. Personally, I love the modular storage shelves with the small cubes that hold items. Pretty baskets are also a bid win in my household.

Dump the Duplicates

There are certain items which do not require copies. I guess this applies almost to any item. Why do you have eight coffee mugs? How many people ever drink coffee at your house at one time? Personally, I can only think of a time when there were 4 people at my house drinking coffee at once, the morning after my in-laws spent the night! Donating duplicates to the thrift store has never been easier with this simple rule: One in, one out. That’s all.

And if you get something new, make sure you get rid of the older version of the same item you have at home. There are people that still keep their tube TV in their garage, I mean, why?

Stick to a Schedule

There are places that need daily de-cluttering, such as kitchen counters. There are also places that can be tackled weekly. You have to be systematic and set up a schedule. More importantly, after you are done with making a schedule, stick to it! Don’t let procrastination win, just do it.

Look for Simple Clutter Control Solutions

There is always an easy solution to even the biggest of clutter problems. Some people still can not keep track of where they put their keys. Put a hook by the front door; you can hang the keys up every time you walk in or out of the door. There are a lot of simple ideas that turn to be life savers, just think of something you have difficulties with and try to come with a simple solution.

There is no reason to feel embarrassed about your clutter, but it is important to do something about it if you want to live a more organized lifestyle.

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