DealDash Reveals the Dirtiest Home Areas

DEALDASH dirty home areas

You might be surprised at the dirtiest stuff in your home. You might miss cleaning these items because you don’t realize how dirty they are. Let DealDash help.

What do you think are the dirtiest areas in your home? For some reason, the toilet bowl has gained a bad reputation when it comes to the dirtiest. However, this isn’t quite true. Know that there are many other objects that house ten times more germs than the poor “throne.”

If you don’t realize that these things are dirty, you postpone their cleaning. After reading this article you won’t be putting them on the back-burner anymore. Here are some of the dirtiest items in your house, from DealDash:

Mobile phone and Tablet

Did you know that a mobile phone or tablet might be hosting way more germs than your toilet? Also, think about the fact that you touch it with your hands and face many times per day. A simple swipe with some disinfectant wipes can considerably reduce the number of microbes. You need to clean these items daily, for your health.

Your keyboard

It might be unbelievable, but the keyboard of your notebook or your PC can hold even more germs than your mobile phone. Are you curious what the reason for this is? Here it is:

Dirt, dead skin cells, and probably leftovers from your snack are accumulating between the keys.

Just think, you touch the keys with dirty hands. Don’t try to tell me that you wash your hands every single time you pet your dog, touch something outside, or after eating anything. You rarely clean your keyboard, but you probably should. Get out the can of air and the disinfecting wipes, ya’ll!


You won’t like what you are going to read but it will make you take quick action. Are you ready? Your toothbrush holds a lot of microbes because it is wet after you use it (in the bathroom), and the fact that the toothbrush attracts microorganisms from the air like a magnet. 

There’s good news, though, you can clean and sanitize your toothbrush if you keep it in a cup with a mouthwash product such as Listerine. Also, it is recommended that you replace it as often as possible, optimally every 3 months.


There is no reason to tell you exactly how much dirt your carpet can hold. You use a vacuum cleaner clean the carpets, and let’s be honest, they are a dirt factory. Be sure to vacuum weekly, and once per year, rent a professional carpet cleaner that will provide you with optimized sanitation for your carpet.

Pillows and mattress

Your pillows and mattress are not often replaced. This usually only happens if they start to deteriorate, not because they are old and dirty. You can find incredible amounts of dirt in your pillows. This dirt includes dead skin cells and other impurities which feed the families of mites and other microorganisms. Try to clean your pillows and your mattress as often as you can if you are not going to replace it every few years. 

Luckily, you can put most pillows in the washer and dryer on the gentle cycle. Pease check the tag on your pillows before you do this. In addition, I also recommend that you put a high quality mattress protector on your bed. You can wash and dry the mattress protector in your machines at home. It will prolong the life of your mattress by years!

I hope that you found this new DealDash article on cleaning ideas helpful. Reading the DealDash Reviews and our sister blog DealDash Tips Blog every day is one way to stay “in the loop” when it comes to DealDash happenings.

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