DealDash Kids: Summer Water Games


With the warmer weather outside, kids will want to be out playing in the sunshine. Kids love water games! Read on for more information from DealDash.

Summer is approaching, and it is most likely going to be a hot one. Kids love to play outside during the summertime even when it is hot. Playing water games is a good option because it can keep your children cool during the hot summer days. Here are 3 fun water games for kids, from DealDash.

Water Balloon Toss

A water balloon toss is a classic water game that your kids can play. All you have to do is fill water up with balloons. Then you pick a partner and have them stand in a straight line facing each other. Next, you should have someone count to three and begin tossing the water balloon back and forth. If you drop the water balloon and it pops, you are out of the game. Water balloon toss is a fun game that all kids of all ages will enjoy.

Cup of Water on Your Head Race

If your kids want a challenging water game to play, the cup of water on your head race game is the perfect water game to play. You start by putting a bucket of water on the grass and have one kid sit behind the bucket. Then you should have the rest of the children sit in a straight line behind the bucket. Give the first child an empty cup and have them fill it with water and pass it back. The first team who fills the bucket first wins. This game is better for kids who are a little older, age 6 and up.

Hot Potato the Water Balloon Version

Everyone has heard of the game hot potato, but some people don’t know that you can play a water balloon hot potato game. You need some music and water balloons. Fill the water balloons up with water and have everyone sit in a circle. Pass the water balloon until the music stops. Whoever has the balloon has to pop it over their head, and they are out. That last person in the circle wins.

DealDash Has Summer Toys

DealDash has plenty of things that kids will love to play with outdoors in the summer. Here are a few suggestions:

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Thanks for Reading

Summer is the right time to bond with your kids by playing water games. You will stay nice and cool all while having fun during the summer when you play one of these 3 fun water games with your kids. Thanks for reading this article today!

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