dealdash listens to customers

DealDash Listens To Customers!!

dealdash listens to customers

I have been a loyal bidder on DealDash for several years and have always found DealDash to be entertaining, diversified and they have always had superior customer service!!

If you have an issue, comment, complaint or question, they are always there to listen and be quick to respond. In this particular case I made a suggestion. I happened to mention that I would love to see travel-typed prizes. This morning what did I log on to see, but a $250 American Airlines gift card up for grabs!!! Yay!! Well, I did bid, but today wasn’t my day. Congratulations to “cidoutbid” for the win at only $19.30!! Okay so I didn’t win this one… No problem!!! I did a “buy it now” and got the gift card plus my bids back!! My main point is that DealDash listens to customers! They listened to suggestions and implemented them. As with all my other dealings with the Customer Service staff, they are friendly, courteous and quick to respond. I would recommend anyone to contact DealDash Customer Service with questions, concerns, suggestions or if you just plain need help. They want to know what you think too!!

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If you haven’t already done so… Check out the “Help” column located at the bottom of the screen for MANY helpful hints which give you a better understanding of what to expect when bidding on DealDash. For an even more in depth look at DD check out the DealDash Official Blog!!!!

American Airlines Gift Card Sold on DealDash
DealDash Listens to Customers