DealDash Makes a Bird Feeder With Kids


Making a bird feeder with kids is a great craft. Enjoy time with your kids watching the birds come to eat. Read on for instructions from DealDash.

If your kids love animals, and you have been looking for a fun project to do with them, making a bird feeder is a good activity. Your kids will enjoy nature, while they make a bird feeder. Making a bird feeder is not as complicated as it may seem. Here are some tips to make a bird feeder with your kids, from DealDash.

Read the Instructions and Gather Supplies

Before you begin to make the bird feeder you should read the instructions for your kids. After you read the instructions you should gather the supplies. Most of the bird feeder materials are at the grocery store or mass merchandise stores. There are lots of different styles of bird feeders you can make. The easiest and most simple one is a pine cone feeder.

Pine Cones

After you have the materials, gather some pinecones up from your yard and tie some string to the very top of them. Doing this gives the bird easy access to the feeder. It is best to use the pinecones and string first because it can become messy.

Peanut Butter or Cooking Lard

In order to make the pinecone sticky, you have to use peanut butter. Have your child use a butter knife to spread the peanut butter on the surface of the pine cone.  If your child is allergic to peanuts, you can use cooking lard for a replacement, or even almond butter.

Bird Seeds and Hang the Pinecone

You cannot make a bird feeder without bird seeds. Have your kids roll the pinecone through a big bowl of bird seeds. The last step is to hang the pinecone from a tree or anything with a high surface and enjoy bird watching with your kids.

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Thanks for Reading

Your kids will enjoy making a bird feeder. They get to use their creativity to create and learn about science. These tips to make a bird feeder with your kids will make the process smooth and easy. Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on making a bird feeder with your kids.

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