DealDash Spotlight on November Activities

Autumn is the best! November is one of my favorite months of the year, there are so many fun activities to enjoy.

Autumn is my favorite season. I love the colors, the cooler temperatures, and all of the fun things to do during this time! November is a great month for me because it’s filled with many different types of activities that make for an exciting month. In this blog today, we will discuss some of the best things to do and enjoy in November. This DealDash blog post will highlight some autumn activities that you can take part in this November!

Autumn Activities: Bonfire and Snacks (DealDash Can Help)

To start with, one thing I really enjoy doing in November is bonfires. They’re not only a lot of fun but they also give you some time to get away from everything else going on in your life. Speaking of bonfires, you can enjoy the bonfire as

well as a snack if you make s’mores! You can also make some other snacks like hot dogs and popcorn. If you’re looking for a place to do your bonfire, be sure that you are setting up in a safe area such as the beach or a dirt patch cleared of all vegetation. You will also need easy access to firewood. Fall is the perfect time of year for this because there’s no shortage of firewood then!

If you love outdoor autumn activities, then DealDash can help! This is a great place to get the things you need for your bonfire and other autumn activities. There’s no doubt that DealDash has some amazing deals on outdoor gear, including firewood containers!

Additionally, a first aid kit is also recommended (and available on DealDash!) since it can be easy to cut yourself or get a splinter while enjoying autumn activities such as this. It might sound silly but better safe than sorry when dealing with injuries.

Autumn Activities: Pie Contests

Next, another activity that I really love doing in November is entering my pies into pie contests. There are lots of different places that hold these types of events during the autumn months so it makes sense why they would be popular at this time. You don’t want to miss out on getting your beautiful fall pies entered into one either! It doesn’t matter if you win or not; just knowing how much fun baking them was will bring joy to you and your family. November is the best time to make homemade pies because many farms offer a “U-Pick” option for apples and blueberries in the autumn. Not only can you pick your own fruit, but it’s also a fun activity to enjoy with the whole family.

If you’re not sure what pies you would like to make, the site Taste of Home has an excellent article with tons of suggestions for the season.

Autumn Activities: Pumpkin Picking

Speaking of fruit and vegetable picking, pumpkin picking is another one of my favorite things to do in November! This is a great way for children and families to bond. Just because Halloween and pumpkin carving have passed, doesn’t mean that you have to stop enjoying pumpkin picking. Not only that but there are so many pumpkin-flavored items available during this time as well. You could make or buy some homemade pumpkin bread from freshly picked pumpkins! It’s an autumn pastime that I highly suggest enjoying because not only will it give you something special for the holiday season ahead, but who knows how long it’ll be until people start seeing fresh pumpkins again? So get out now while they’re readily available and have yourself a great time with your family picking and enjoying pumpkins.

Thanks for Reading

I really hope that you enjoyed this blog post about the best things to plan when doing November activities. From now until Thanksgiving, be sure to enjoy everything that autumn has to offer! Thanks for reading the newest blog from DealDash.

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