DealDash Pets: Time for a Family Dog?


It’s puppy season! If you are thinking of getting a family dog you will want to read this article from DealDash.

Getting a new pet is a very happy event for any family, and everyone needs a little happiness during these difficult times. Many parents wonder if it’s the proper time to introduce a dog into their child’s life, and this could be the right time. Of course, you will have many questions before purchasing or adopting a new puppy or dog. Here are some things to think about if you’re trying to find a dog for your child, from DealDash.

How Mature and Responsible are Your Kids?

The first thing that you will want to think about before getting a puppy or a dog for your child is how much of the work will they be able to contribute to the upkeep of the dog. If your kids are younger than 10 or so, you will have to be prepared to give them lots of help and reminders to take care of their new friend. What you really have to ask yourself is if you, the parent, are ready to take on a 10-15 year commitment. You have to keep in mind that the puppy you get for your kids now will probably still be living with you when your kids go off to college.

Do You Have the Time?

Secondly, consider your family’s lifestyle while you are pondering dog ownership. Most of us are home from work or school now and in the near future. However, when life gets back to normal, will your family be home enough to properly care for the new dog? When your child is back at school in the fall, will they have enough time to feed, walk, and play with their new dog? If you’re a very busy family that does a lot of extracurricular activities and sports, do you have the time to devote to the dog? You might be able to solve these problems somewhat by adopting a dog who is already a few years old and a little less needy than a puppy.

Is it a Wise Financial Decision? DealDash Can Help!

Finally, you will need to think about your finances. Many people nowadays are trying to scale back their spending. Dogs are often expensive once you consider the food, toys, and even veterinarian bills. If you are short on money currently, now might not be the best time to get a new pet.

However, if you are financially secure and just want to save money on pet supplies, DealDash can help! You will find lots of pet supplies on DealDash. Not just for dogs and puppies, but for cats and birds, also. DealDash has pet bowls and beds, animal crates, and more. You can click here and check out the pet items currently available. Also be sure to check the Home, Garden, and Tools category for more home and pet-related items.

Thanks for Reading the Blog

Thanks for reading the blog, and be sure to keep all of those things in mind when you are thinking about dog ownership. If you feel that a dog would be a good fit for your family, that’s wonderful! Remember, even if the answer is “no” right now, you can always reconsider it in the future.

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