DealDash says: “Drive Safely, Please!”

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Driving safely is important. Let’s talk about some ways that you can stay safe while driving.

Driving safely is important not only for your safety, but also for your passengers and everyone around you. There are many ways that you can improve your driving to drive more safely. Here are just a few tips to get you thinking about how you can improve your driving.

  • DO NOT TEXT WHILE DRIVING. Do not text while driving. It’s so important that I had to say it twice. I admit, I have been guilty of texting while driving in the past, especially while sitting at a stoplight. However, I have amended my dangerous practices and now only text while I am fully stopped and my car is in park. No message of “Whatcha doing?” or “LOL :)” is more important the safety of my children, myself, and whose around me. If you absolutely must text, please pull over into a parking lot or off on a side street. Or better yet, if you have a child in the car that is old enough to read and type, get them to be “your assistant” and read and send messages for you. It will make them feel important and it will help you (and them) stay safe.
  • Don’t talk on the phone while driving. This is a little less important than not texting while driving, since many cars now have bluetooth calling available as standard equipment when you buy your car. Bluetooth ear pieces or add-ons for your car are very affordable and can keep your attention on the road instead of holding your phone while trying to drive.
  • Don’t have the radio too loud while you are driving. Have you ever noticed that people automatically turn down the radio when they are looking for a street address or certain building? It’s because the radio can be distracting and you can concentrate much better without the radio blaring. There’s no need to turn it all the way off, just keep it at a sensible volume.
  • Use your turn signals. This is such an obvious thing that it shouldn’t have to be explained, but from observing people driving everyday – use your turn signals!
  • Take your curves more slowly. Taking curves can be dangerous to the people driving behind you – especially if you don’t abide by the above suggestion to use your turn signals!
  • Try to brake much further ahead than needed. This will be especially helpful when it’s rainy out, and also as we get into winter and have snow and ice on the roads.

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