DealDash Says Pets Get Stressed, Too


You might not know it, but your pet can get stressed just like you! However, you can help them. Read these tips from DealDash and learn.

Did you know that loud noises, large groups of unknown people, other animals, and young children can all be stressful for your dog, cat, or other pet? There is a huge list of things that will panic your pets, but don’t fret! There are several ways you can help calm your pets once they are scared. Take the time to read this article from DealDash and learn how to help Fluffy or Fido.

Be Sure You Are Calm

To begin with, our pets can read our energy and can act consistently with our feelings. Therefore, it’s imperative that you simply stay calm when your pet begins to seem stressed. Pets might act out once they get stressed, but scolding them will only make matters worse. They will feel like you aren’t trying to protect them.

Also, watch your tone and pitch when talking to your pet to calm them. Most people know that pets respond excitedly to your high-pitched voice, but did you know they’ll settle down if your voice is calmer? Speaking calmly and positively to your pets will help them relax if they are feeling nervous.

Leash Your Pet – DealDash Has Pet Supplies

Next, this tip mostly is directed at dogs, but can also work for cats if you take them out on a harness. If your dog or cat begins to seem nervous at a park or public area, keeping them on a leash can help them feel safer. Also, it will help keep you calm as well, because you know that your pet won’t be able to run off and become lost.

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Cuddle and Comfort

Finally, this might seem like common sense, but the best way to calm your pet is to cuddle them. If you’re home or in an indoor place, letting your pet cuddle up to can help them relax. Allow them to sit on you if they are small, or stand between your legs if they are bigger. They might even want to rest their head on your knee. There’s nothing your pet likes better than some nice pets from their human. It can help calm them no matter what their fear is, and help them feel less stressed.

Thanks for Reading the Blog

Thanks for reading the blog, and be sure to keep all of those things in mind when your pet is stressed. Remember, to keep your pets safe, always keep doors, windows and gates secured. They are counting on you to keep them safe!

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