DealDash Frugal Tips to Live on Less


In these uncertain times, it’s good to be frugal. Here are some great tips from DealDash to live on less.

Many people across the USA and even the rest of the world have found themselves in situations where one or more family members have lost work due to the current pandemic. Using budget-conscious habits and thinking carefully before spending can really help stretch the money you do have. However, it isn’t easy to change your mindset and habits without guidance. Here are some tips from DealDash to get you started.

Look at Your Monthly Expenses

Begin with making a list of some of your non-negotiable set monthly expenses, such as your rent/mortgage, car payment, insurance, etc. Follow that up with your expenses that change each month such as your groceries, gas, household needs, etc. Finally, take a look at your “fun” money that you use for entertainment, eating at restaurants, etc.

After you have listed out all of your different monthly expenses, see where you can cut them down. For example, can you pare down the grocery budget by buying the store brand instead of name brand foods? How about calling around to the different cable/internet providers to see if you can switch to get a better deal.

Have Fun at Home on DealDash

I don’t know about you, but I have saved a ton of money since I have been “sheltering in place” at home. Since I am only going out for the essentials I have completely stopped the browsing that leads to impulse buying. However, I still do need to buy some things that I can’t purchase at the grocery store, so I have been ordering online.

I have some good news – DealDash has lots of things that I need to buy anyway! If your family is like mine, you still need to buy regular household things such as sheets, office supplies, and kitchen items. There’s no need to go out to an actual store or to order from a place that doesn’t have free shipping! Simply click this link and browse from home. You’ll get free shipping with every order.

Pick Up an Inexpensive Hobby

Finally, another tip for frugality is to do an inexpensive hobby. A good thing about spending a lot of time at home is you have more time for hobbies. The great thing is that there are lots of hobbies that you can do at home that are extremely inexpensive. You can do puzzles, read (or write!) a novel, learn how to bake, or do board games. If you’re busy doing these inexpensive hobbies you won’t have time to spend money on more expensive ones.

Thanks For Reading

Living on less can be tricky at first, however, DealDash is here to help. Follow the suggestions and tips in this article, and you will have an easier time with being frugal. Thank you so much for reading the newest article.

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