DealDash Cooks: Prepare Your Winter Pantry

Winter is just about here, and it’s time to prepare your winter pantry. It’s important to be stocked up for the season.

Once the cold weather comes, there are some things you need to do before it gets too bad. One of those tasks is getting your pantry stocked for winter. It’s important that you do this now so that when the snow starts falling, you’re ready! Stock all of your favorite foods and drinks to keep yourself warm! Let’s face it – no one wants to go out grocery shopping during the cold, snowy weather. DealDash is here to help you out with some ideas on how to prepare your winter pantry. Read on for some suggestions.

Stock Up on Non-Perishable Sides

Just to start with, what’s a dinner without a side dish? When you are preparing your winter pantry, you will want to begin by filling up your shelves with some non-perishable side dish ingredients. Baked beans are great because they can be used as side dishes or main courses depending on what else is being served that night. Shelf-stable milk is

also a nice thing to have on hand, as is canned fruit. You can even go all out and stock up on boxed rice mixes that will make side dishes super easy to prepare. Additionally, you should pick up some bags of dry rice and dry beans as well. These take a little bit of additional time to prepare, but the taste is worth it, as well as the savings!

Stock Up On Canned Goods

Next, you should also think about stocking your pantry with some canned goods before the big storms hit. Think of things like chili or spaghetti sauce and dry noodles – anything you know you would want if there were no way for you to get outside during an ice storm or blizzard. A few cans of tuna fish are good for quick meals too when there’s not much else in your house besides bread and cheese (and maybe leftover baked beans!) It’s always better to be prepared than caught off guard without any food at home because then it would be time to order a pizza – if the pizza delivery is still running, that is.

If you have the space, go ahead and pick up all of your favorite soups in cans too. They can keep for quite some time with no refrigeration required, so having them around when winter comes is always nice if they will last that long without going bad. You might even want to think about picking up an extra bag or two of chips – things like tortilla chips are great snacks on nights where everyone in the house wants something different for dinner (or nothing at all.) Chips and dip make a quick but filling side dish that won’t weigh down your budget either!

If you would like a more comprehensive list of the items that you should keep stocked in your pantry, the Food Network has an article to help. Check out their checklist and see what you are missing in your own pantry.

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Thanks for Reading!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this new DealDash article on preparing your winter pantry. I hope that you picked up a few ideas that will make your life easier this coming winter season. This is a great time of year to get some stocking stuffers and holiday decor too, so be sure to check out our site regularly. Happy Holidays, and happy bidding, everyone.

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