DealDash Kids: Teddy Bear Facts & History

Teddy bears are cute, cuddly, and everyone has had one at some point. What is it about these adorable bears that make us love them?

Teddy bears are loved by kids and adults alike. They’re adorable, soft, and cuddly! But how did they become such a huge part of our culture? This post will cover the history of teddy bears as well as the different types of teddy bears that exist today. We’ll go through what made them so appealing, as well as why we enjoy them so much and how the name arose. Read on for some fun and interesting history on teddy bears, from DealDash.

Let’s Get to Know the Teddy Bear

First off, what is a teddy bear? Where did they get their name? Teddy bears are the cutest and most-loved stuffed animals. The name “teddy bear” comes from former US president Theodore Roosevelt. They became popular after he

refused to shoot a black bear while on an official visit to Mississippi. It actually became the topic of a political cartoon by Clifford Berryman in The Washington Post on November 16, 1902.

Candy store owner Morris Michtom saw the drawing of Roosevelt in The Washington Post and was inspired to create a teddy bear. He created an adorable stuffed toy bear cub and put it in his candy shop window with a sign proclaiming “Teddy’s bear.” After sending a sample bear to Roosevelt and receiving permission to use his name, he began to produce them commercially to great demand. And that’s the history of how the teddy bear got his name.

Types of Teddy Bears

Next, all teddy bears aren’t the same. There are three major types of teddy bears. These include traditional, beanie, and plush toys. Traditional stuffed animals are the original type that Michtom created in his candy shop window. They have a realistic design with visible seams where their limbs are attached to their body. Many people prefer this style because it’s more similar to real fur than other styles like plush or beanie bears.

Plush toys look incredibly soft but don’t feature any visible seams due to an inner liner sewn inside them which gives them structure without showing off all those hard-to-hide stitches! Beanie bears resemble traditional ones except they’re actually constructed from solid pellets rather than stuffing material so they retain their shape when left sitting.

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