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Experience DealDash and Learn From Others

DealDash is growing and improving the experience by leaps and bounds.

We always have awesome promotions to experience and look forward to when playing DealDash. We also have a new DealDash app and we can experience the thrill of winning free bids in various ways. Plus we are sure to get a great experience from the support staff who is always there for you.

When I found DealDash two years ago it was fairly easy to win auctions. However, in order to continue the experience of great wins, we must work hard to develop and learn strategies to get the best deals possible winning experience. That’s why it is imperative to read tips, strategies, and articles from other bidders perspectives which you can try and experience on your own.

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I urge everyone to experience the ways to earn free bids anytime possible by posting photos and videos of their winnings and participating in customer satisfaction calls. In order not to waste your money, I recommend to be selective about the auctions you join and know when to just stop. With more bidding experience you’ll begin to see that there is usually an auction for the same item coming up again very soon. You can even search for an item and ask to be alerted by email once it comes up again.

I read the biographies of others and look close at bidding patterns. It pains me to see that some are obviously bidding to win anything at all and for only the thrill of it. Please, please don’t do that! When you over spend, your DealDash experience is not as pleasurable as it should be. I know this from my own experience!

And lastly, please don’t simply waste your bids by bid stomping :(. That is completely counterproductive 99.999% of the time. I don’t mind if I am stomped because it actually benefits me when my Bid Buddy is set. So really you are actually helping other bidders by doing so! My goal in writing this is to help others gain the best DealDash experience possible with the least expense. I hope it helps and you continue to enjoy your shopping experience on DealDash.

By Dianne Aikman

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