DealDash Sales and Promotions

DealDash Sales and Promotions

DealDash sales and promotions are diverse and many times offer something new and exciting.

I recently participated in a DealDash sales promotion which offered 50% off the entire weekend to a person who won an auction. The winner only needs to pay half the final sales price during these specials. These 50% off DealDash sales are very similar to what you’ll hear people call a “Free Auction Weekend”. During the DealDash sales free auction promotion, the winner does not have to pay any portion of the final sales price. They only need to process the transaction with a 1 cent charge and that’s all. No other charges are involved and the item ships free.

I love when DealDash sales team hosts both the 50% off promotion and better yet the free auction weekend promotions. Not only is it a great time to buy bids but it is a really good time to win.

A couple of my wins during the 50% off DealDash sales weekend was a 70 bid pack for $2.45 where I only paid $1.22. Another win was for a Lego Duplo Disney Planes Skipper’s Flight School set. This win was a $40.00 value and the final selling price was just 51 cents. Of course as it was a 50% off weekend, therefore I only needed to pay 25 cents for the Disney Planes Lego set.

You just cannot get better deals than that. I wanted the Disney Duplo Plane’s Skipper’s Flight School Lego Set because of my 2 year old grandson, Luke. He is absolutely crazy about Dusty that I think he is going to be a pilot when he grows up.

A few other DealDash sales I enjoy are when you are able to collect 2X or 3X time towards your high bidder rewards. These DealDash sales are so fun because they give you a chance to collect many more free bids than you normally can.

DealDash Sales and Promotions

I enjoy the DealDash sales and being a savvy shopper. DealDash saves me a lot of money on the things I want for my family which is why I continue to shop with them even after four years!!

Thank you Deal Dash!!!!!

By Victoria L Overton

I’ve been shopping with DealDash since September 2010.