Bidding For Fun on DealDash

Bidding for Fun and Knowing How

Ever wonder why the blogs posted about DealDash include all kinds of bidding tips and strategies? Do you really not care about what other bidders have to say because you are just bidding for fun?

There just might be a few things that you should listen to. Yes, bidding for fun is great but you will eventually stop bidding when you just can’t seem to get that “elusive” deal or you are out of bids.

The reason some of us give you the tips about bidding or bidding for fun is because it makes our time on DealDash more productive and well.. fun!  Bidding competitively or bidding for fun in an auction many times will come to the same results: you win some, you lose some. I consider that a bidding for fun mentality and it’s definitely apart of it. Bidding against someone that is bidding for fun and in a responsible way is the fun part of it! There is nothing more aggravating than bidding against a bid jumper who doesn’t have a clue as to how auctions are played. Many times someone will stay in just to make sure you don’t win and that does not make it feel like you’re bidding for fun.

Go to the DealDash site to check out the tips they provide and read the DealDash Official Blog. You can even contact DealDash customer support and they will give you tips and strategies to help you with knowing how to win a DealDash auction on a limited budget. With everyone’s help you will start bidding for fun, winning, saving money, and have a much better experience. All of the other bidders will enjoy having you around and that way you will be here for a long time to come. All and all we do want you to be here and enjoy the bidding for fun mentality.

By Donna Smith

Bidding For Fun on DealDash