300 Free DealDash Bids

How I Get 300 Free DealDash Bids Every Week

300 Free DealDash Bids

I have had so much fun shopping on DealDash since becoming a member back in November 2012.

I have won so many things to give as gifts as well as things to keep around the home like this Red KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Mixer I won with 11 bids and final sales price of 61¢. The savings are endless!!!

KitchenAid Sale

In this article I am going to share with you how I get up to 300 free DealDash bids every week just by sharing my winnings on social sites. Here are a few ways DealDash let’s you get free bids with the items you win.

  1. Posting your photo to Facebook can earn you up to 200 free bids every week! Plus a chance to win a $500 gift card if the item you are showcasing is valued at $100 or more! Keep reading on but you can find the guidelines to this promotion by clicking here.
  2. Pin it on Pinterest for another 50 free bids!!! Click here for details.
  3. Tweet it on Twitter, and again 50 free bids!!! Again, click here for details.

For a grand total that is 300 free DealDash bids you could earn every single week! Just make sure your photo is great and creative because DealDash selects the best photo posted every week and awards the winner with a $500 gift card – wow!! You can read more about the Best Photo of the Week Contest and see the previous winning photos of people who won the $500 gift card!

I like to use the same photo on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter once a week to help keep track of which photos I have posted, but if I do happen to post the same photo again they will let me know to post something new. This is a nice way to get a head start on bidding for the week, and a little extra to go on top of my purchased bid packs!!

One last thought… I just found out that if you have a specific item your looking for, you can go search for it on DealDash and if the item is listed you can have DealDash remind you when it is going to be a live auction by setting an alert for yourself. DealDash will then send you an email reminder when the auction is scheduled and when it’s about to start.

KitchenAid sale on DealDash

Good Luck to all of you, and remember to — USE YOUR BID BUDDY 🙂

Written by Nicole Kososki