The Good The Bad The Ugly

The Good The Bid And The Ugly

The Good The Bad The Ugly

I don’t know how much longer I can participate in auctions with new bidders who do not understand the clock, the bid buddy, or the buy-it-now option. I have been a DealDash bidder for a year and a half. I have had some good, bad, fast and not-so-fast auction wins. I’ve seen the good, the bid and the ugly.

I liked the concept of DealDash because you really could win an auction quickly. As the new bidders join the auctions, lately, you see right away they do not understand what the process is truly about.

I just completed an auction that I did not win, nor did I expect to, where the new bidder slapped every person who had the bid buddy set. I guess if you are new and don’t know about the bid buddy function it can be confusing and they must be thinking there are some awfully stubborn people out there bidding. We are like the Energizer Bunny and just keep going, and going and going. I would really like to see DealDash require a new bidder go to DealDash 101 Bidding Basics before they can get into auction bidding with actual bidders. If they realized how bid buddy worked they would know that slapping a bidder (also known as immediately outbidding another) will only cause the auction sale price to go that much higher. And, make a poor name for themselves with other bidders.

It is so important to know who the bidders are and what their individual style is. Some bidders only come in under the wire before the auctions close to new bidders. You can almost guarantee that bidder will be back when it is down to two bidders and they will try to pick it off as a cheap win. It also pays to study that winners list and see who won all the bid packs and who recently got the 1,000, 2,000 or even 5,000 bids. This will help you know who has more bids and is probably going to be in the auction for a long time.

DealDash Wins
Recent 2000 & 5000 Bid Pack Winners

With another penny auction site going under this weekend, it makes me want DealDash to stick around for a long time. The best way for this to happen is to educate bidders. Let new bidders know what the process is, how to go about winning or bidding on an auction and to make it as fair as possible for others. I think beginner auctions could help new bidders learn about the process earlier. No bidding on regular auctions until 5 beginner auctions are won would be my recommendation. I would also like to see more auctions opening at the “high” or “busy” times of the day or weekend. The more auctions the more chance a bidder has at finding the right auction for themselves.

Of all the penny auction sites I have used, DealDash continues to have all the right things going for them. Fast free shipping, excellent customer service, and the latest electronics and gift items bidders are looking for. Happy Bidding to everyone and may we all find the “Deals” we are looking for!

By Joan Vith

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