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DealDash Bidding Tips I think Deal Dash is fun, and really addicting!

A lot of the bidders I watch seem to be out of control, overbidding and end up taking the “Deal” out of Deal Dash. I believe other bidders don’t even realize they are overbidding because it’s so easy to get caught up in the WIN. The win certainly is a big temptation and we all want it, however it’s good to make sure you’re not overspending when trying to get it. Here’s a few simple tips to keep in mind when bidding.

I think the best thing for bidders to do is to know, and have in their minds, the maximum amount of bids that they are willing to use when bidding on the item. They can then set up their Bid Buddy. The Bid Buddy helps relieve the stress of bidding because you are not required to sit at the computer all the time just staring and waiting on others to bid so you can place yours. When using the Bid Buddy or even bidding manually, it’s important to know how many bids to use. So how do you determine how many bids to use? Here’s a good blog article to help you calculate how many bids to use in an auction: Surprisingly Simple Calculation To Help You Determine How Many Bids To Use Before Stopping.

Another thing the bidder should know is the maximum price they are willing to pay for an item and still be considered a deal. People need to be sure they are adding up all of the costs which include their spent bids plus the final selling price of the item. Remember it can become really expensive if you are not keeping track of what you are spending or how many bids you are using. Bid responsibly and know in advance how many bids you are going to use in the auction and make sure the total cost of bids plus the final price of the item does not exceed the item value – this way you can keep the “Deal” in Deal Dash.

Personally I think the easiest thing to win are gift cards. This way if you lose, you can just buy the gift card you needed and get your bids back.

Enjoy your bidding!

– davidswife777

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