Having a Last-Minute Party? Let DealDash Help!


This upcoming weekend is a very popular time to have a holiday get-together. If you would like a quick last minute party, here are some ideas from DealDash.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of year. Family and friends have a chance to spend time with each other. One of the best ways to spend time with family is to throw a Christmas party. A Christmas party will bring everyone together, and create memories. Here are some Christmas party ideas for last-minute Christmas parties, from DealDash.

Create a Hot Cocoa Stand

You can’t have a Christmas party without delicious hot cocoa. A great Christmas party idea is to create a hot cocoa stand. You can have a section in your kitchen for hot cocoa, marshmallows, and peppermint, and red cups. This will get your family and friends into the Christmas spirit all while having something tasty to drink. This is the perfect last-minute idea that makes it look like you have spent forever planning this party. 

Have a Balloon Tree

Almost all parties have balloons. Why not use simple balloons and turn them into a balloon tree. All you have to do is tie multiple balloons together in a shape of Christmas tree. You can use a variety of different colors to create a pattern. This will give your Christmas party a more festive atmosphere. For added fun, be sure to tie a yellow one at the top as a Christmas star, and some red, blue, and silver ones for ornaments on the tree.

Homemade Winter Wonderland

If you want to make your dining room or house feel like a winter wonderland, you should make homemade snowflakes and cover your ceiling with them. You can make these snowflakes out of paper Mache. You can make different shapes and designs of snowflakes. After you finish making the snowflakes you can hang them up on your ceiling for a winter wonderland feeling. It sounds labor-intensive, but it’s actually a fairly quick activity that you can do in just a couple of hours. 

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Thanks for Reading

Christmas is a fun holiday. I hope these tips will help give you Christmas party ideas for throwing a last-minute get-together. All of these Christmas ideas are budget friendly. Remember that you can find most of these items at your local grocery store or mass merchandise store, or get them on  DealDash, of course! If you use these Christmas ideas for your party your guests will have a memorable time.

Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on preparing a last-minute holiday party. Don’t forget to check back often for new articles here. Leave a comment with your favorite holiday song!

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