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How Simple Distractions Can Ruin Plans

On a DealDash Budget
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It is rare when I am in possession of both the available time, and the buying power, to survive a long and sometimes costly auction. With a limited budget, I can’t just dig into the bank account to add to my bid buying power. When I am lucky enough to have the bids available, and a little time to “play”, I do it with a high level of desire and it doesn’t take much to disappoint me. My bidding plan can be upset with some of the most simple distractions.

While bidding on a much desired, Cabela’s $100.00 gift certificate. I had been bidding without my bid buddy, since I had to carefully select just when I wanted to place my limited number of bids. I was well on my way to obtaining one, when the battery died on my computer. By the time I got it plugged in, the next bidder had won. This was especially difficult for me to accept since I had only entered four bids. I guess it could of gone on for quite a while but as it happened the very next bidder got the certificate for $1.40. Unfortunately, I couldn’t count on the BIN option this time.

For many years, I’ve had to answer the telephone as part of my job. As a result, it seems wrong if I detect a telephone ringing nearby and don’t answer it. Not so long ago, I was participating in the auction for a Dance Central DVD for that Xbox 360, when I heard the telephone ring. I thought I had added additional bids to my bid buddy, but I actually had keyed in the amount of the bids I wanted the bid buddy to use and forgot to push the book bid buddy button losing the auction as a result. Buy it Now (BIN) to the rescue for this lost auction.

I have lost auctions when I left the computer for seemingly seconds. Like the time when I bent down to retrieve a paper that had floated to the floor, and the time when I took 10 steps away to stir something that was cooking on the stove. Then there was the time when I got out of the chair to peek on children that were being too quiet, only to discover that they weren’t into any mischief but had simply wore out and fallen asleep.

Like many DealDash customers, I have a busy, sometimes hectic life. Bidding on penny auctions offers a form of stress relief in some instances and on other occasions, it adds to the stress. I love watching the action when it gets down to the last few seconds and watching to see that I am the one who has received the “you’ve won” fireworks!

By Mary Dowdell

I have been a DealDash customer since August 2013. I am grandmother of seven and a resident of Virginia currently searching for a job as an administrative assistant.

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