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DealDash: The Benefits of Pets

Having a pet is wonderful for many reasons. No matter if it’s a cat, a dog, a small animal, reptile, or fish – there are many benefits of pets. Here are just a few, from DealDash.

Keeping a pet is a wonderful experience, no matter which type you choose. Many people know that keeping a dog, cat, fish, reptile, or small animal is a huge responsibility. However, it also has many benefits. Many people don’t know how important it is to keep pets. You may be considering keeping a pet, but you don’t know if this is the right decision.  — Read full post

Pets and Animals

DealDash Pets: Can You Afford a Dog?


Dog ownership is wonderful but can have a few hidden costs. Read this DealDash article to learn about them.

Everyone knows that a “free” dog isn’t actually free – you will need to buy dog food, a leash, and food. Other than those obvious costs, there are some that you might not have thought of. This article will help you consider if you can actually afford a dog right now. Read this DealDash article for more information.

Medical and Dental

Firstly, you have probably budgeted for your dog’s first shots, but have you thought about the other medical and dental  — Read full post

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DealDash Pets: Help Kids Care for a Puppy


If your kids have been begging for a puppy, this is a great time of the year to get one. Here are some handy tips from DealDash to help your kids take care of the new puppy.

Getting a puppy can be a wonderful way to help teach your kids about responsibility. There are lots of things that your kids will need to learn to properly take care of a puppy including the following ways, from DealDash.

Set Up a Place for Puppy

The puppy is going to need a place to stay. You will want to help your kids  — Read full post

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DealDash Pets: Take Your New Pet to the Vet


After getting a new pet it’s important to take them for a check-up. Here are some tips for a stress-free first visit.

You just got a new pet, how exciting!! However, reign in that excitement, because it’s very important to take them to the vet when you first get them to make sure that they are healthy. Here are some tips to keep your pet happy and stress-free during that first visit, from DealDash.

Use a Pet Carrier

If your pet is small enough to fit in a pet carrier, such as a puppy, kitten, or cat, then you should  — Read full post

Pets and Animals

DealDash Pets: Leash Walking for Large Dogs


Teaching a large dog to walk on a leash can be a little more difficult. Never fear, DealDash is here with tips for walking a large dog on a leash.

Teaching your large breed dog how to walk on a leash is very important. It will stop your big dog from pulling and tugging on the leash while you are walking him.  Putting your large dog on a leash will keep him by your side while also giving him enough room to roam around. Training your dog how to walk on a leash can be a difficult task, but these  — Read full post