DealDash Pets: Can You Afford a Dog?


Dog ownership is wonderful but can have a few hidden costs. Read this DealDash article to learn about them.

Everyone knows that a “free” dog isn’t actually free – you will need to buy dog food, a leash, and food. Other than those obvious costs, there are some that you might not have thought of. This article will help you consider if you can actually afford a dog right now. Read this DealDash article for more information.

Medical and Dental

Firstly, you have probably budgeted for your dog’s first shots, but have you thought about the other medical and dental fees? He will need shots each and every year, and this is non-negotiable to keep him healthy. You will also have to pay monthly for heartworm prevention and flea prevention. Also, don’t forget the doggie dental bill. You should take him in for a teeth cleaning each year, or more often, just ask your vet!

Additionally, you might want to consider getting pet insurance for your new dog. This insurance is meant to be used for sickness and injuries, it doesn’t cover regular visits. This might seem costly, but you will be happy that you have it if your dog has an accident.

Dog Training

Next, another cost you might not have thought of is training. Of course, you can train your puppy or dog yourself, but taking a class will ensure your dog knows how to behave. Many big pet stores offer dog and puppy training, or you can seek out a private trainer. In training classes, your dog will learn how to walk nicely on a leash, sit and stay, and many other helpful behaviors.

Your Time

Another hidden cost you might not have thought about is your time. This might not seem like too much of a sacrifice in the beginning, but remember you will (hopefully) have your dog for the next 10+ years. Think about what will happen when you work late, want to take a vacation, or even a long weekend away. You will have to find someone to watch your dog, or board him in a boarding facility. These can be pricey, so be sure you’re prepared.

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Thanks for Reading

Thanks for reading the new article. I hope that you found this article on the hidden costs of getting a dog helpful. Think about these costs, and you will be able to decide if getting a dog now is the right decision for you and your family.

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