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DealDash Quick Tips for Allergy Season


If you suffer from seasonal allergies there are a few things that you can do to try to ease your sniffles a bit. Here are some helpful tips from DealDash.

More than 50 million Americans suffer from seasonal allergies such as pollen. If you’ve been wondering if there’s anything that you can do to ease your suffering, DealDash has a few tips for you. Read on for some helpful information from DealDash.

Try Saltwater

As with a scratchy throat due to a cold, gargling warm salt water can help for allergies as well. Mix up a spoonful of regular table  — Read full post

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DealDash Kids: Volunteer With Your Children


We’ve talked about the benefits of volunteering before. Your kids can get the same satisfaction of helping others by volunteering as well. Here are some tips to get started, from DealDash.

Spending time with your kids is very important.  There are many things that you can do with your kids such as going to the park, go on vacations and other activities.  One of the best things to do with your kids is to volunteer and give back to your community. This will teach your kids how to serve others all while bonding with them. There are many volunteer activities  — Read full post


DealDash Presents Great Places to Volunteer


Volunteering can be a great experience for the young or old. Here are some great suggestions of where you can help, from DealDash.

Volunteering is one of the best things that you can do to help out other people. Many people volunteer for different reasons, but most people volunteer to lend a helping hand.  If you have some extra time on your hands, you should consider volunteering. There are many places that you can volunteer. It all depends on what you like to do. A lot of people don’t know about all of the wonderful volunteer opportunities that are available.  — Read full post

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DealDash Presents the Benefits of Volunteering


Have a little extra time? Why not try volunteering? Here are some tips to get started, from DealDash.

Everyone needs a helping hand once in awhile. There are so many nonprofit organizations that need a lot of volunteers every year. You may not get paid to volunteer, but it is beneficial for your mental and physical health.  Giving a helping hand can make you feel good about yourself knowing that you can make a difference. Some people may be unsure if volunteering is right for them. Here are 3 benefits of volunteering, from DealDash.

1 – You Make Connections

A  — Read full post

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DealDash Helps: Volunteering Made Easy


Have an urge to volunteer? Follow these easy tips from DealDash to get started.

Many people are interested in volunteering but aren’t exactly sure how to get started. Volunteering is a wonderful thing to do, it helps both your community and yourself at the same time. You always feel amazing after time spent helping others. Read on below for more information from DealDash.

Figure Out Where

Firstly, you’ll want to figure out where you want to volunteer. There are so many places right in your own community that would welcome your help. If you’re having trouble thinking of somewhere, here  — Read full post