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DealDash Pets: Fun With Cats


There are approximately 95.6 million cats living in homes in the USA! Is yours one of them? If so, DealDash has some suggestions on how to have fun with your cat.

Cats are beautiful and amazing creatures, and I am happy to have two of them – those cuties that you see in the picture above. Cats are playful and fun, and most love to play with their human friends. Here is some information and activities that you can do with your cats, from your “furr-iends” at DealDash.

Are You “Kitten” Me?

Many people make the mistake of not playing  — Read full post

Pets and Animals

DealDash Pets: Take Your New Pet to the Vet


After getting a new pet it’s important to take them for a check-up. Here are some tips for a stress-free first visit.

You just got a new pet, how exciting!! However, reign in that excitement, because it’s very important to take them to the vet when you first get them to make sure that they are healthy. Here are some tips to keep your pet happy and stress-free during that first visit, from DealDash.

Use a Pet Carrier

If your pet is small enough to fit in a pet carrier, such as a puppy, kitten, or cat, then you should  — Read full post

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Amazing Gifts for Your Pet from DealDash


Having a pet is like having a furry family member. Spoil your pet with these amazing gifts. Read on for more information from DealDash.

No matter what kind of pet you have, be it a dog, cat, bird, or small furry animal you can always find a great gift for them that they will love. You just have to look around and get into a creative state of mind. Here are some amazing gifts for your pet, curated by DealDash.

Designer Pet Beds

The first place to look for amazing pet gifts is DealDash, of course. DealDash offers the highest  — Read full post

Pets and Animals

DealDash Pets: Welcoming a 2nd Cat


If you’ve decided that it’s time to add a second cat to your household it might be more difficult than you thought. Read on for some tips from DealDash.

People often have more than one cat in their household. In fact, it’s actually recommended that you have more than one cat, especially if there isn’t a person home most of the day. Cats can get quite lonely, as they are pack animals. If you got two cats as littermates, great! You don’t have this problem. However, if you got one cat and then decide to add a second one later  — Read full post