DealDash Pets: Fun With Cats


There are approximately 95.6 million cats living in homes in the USA! Is yours one of them? If so, DealDash has some suggestions on how to have fun with your cat.

Cats are beautiful and amazing creatures, and I am happy to have two of them – those cuties that you see in the picture above. Cats are playful and fun, and most love to play with their human friends. Here is some information and activities that you can do with your cats, from your “furr-iends” at DealDash.

Are You “Kitten” Me?

Many people make the mistake of not playing with their cats when they grow past the kitten stage. Play is great exercise for your cat as well as a bonding activity to enjoy. You don’t need any fancy lasers or expensive robot toys – one of my kitty’s favorite toys is a 3-foot strip of polar fleece on a plastic rod. You can get them at the pet store for less than $10 or make your own with materials from around the house.

Cats of all ages also like to play with yarn and strong – but please don’t leave them unattended with these as they could get tangled up and trapped. Be sure to put the string toys away in a safe spot when you’re done.


Put Your DealDash Boxes to Good Use

What have you got on DealDash lately? No matter if it was a small kitchen appliance (click here), a video game system (click here), or a piece of furniture (click here), don’t throw that box away immediately! DealDash offers items as small as a baseball up to the size of a bed that all come in boxes, and your cat will have a ball if you keep the box around for a few days for them to play in and scratch on. DealDash also offers cars and trucks up for bid, but those don’t come in boxes, of course!

Keep Your Cat’s Teeth and Coat Healthy

Did you know that cats as young as 2 can develop plaque and tartar on their teeth? A visit to the vet every year is very important to keep their teeth sharp and sparkling clean. In-between the vet visits you can help keep your kitty’s teeth healthy by mixing a bit of dental care food in with their regular food and offer dental treats. You can get these at your vet’s office.

Additionally, a smooth and shiny coat keeps your cat healthy and helps reduce hairballs. Be sure to brush your cat a few times per month. I personally use a rubber brush that collects the loose hair – the less hair your cat swallows while grooming themselves, the less likely they are to leave you a “hairball present” on the floor to clean up. Contrary to popular belief, you can give your cat a bath. If your cat has gotten into something and you want to clean them up, they make both waterless shampoo and wet wipes for cats and dogs.

Thanks “Fur” Reading the Blog

Implement some of these suggestions and your cat will thank you! I hope that you found this DealDash article helpful.

DealDash has pet auctions with items for cats and dogs. DealDash has gifts for your favorite pet. Visit now to check out the auctions. Have fun and happy bidding everyone!

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