DealDash Keeps the Christmas Spirit All Year


It may be halfway through January, but now is a great time to spread some happiness. Read on for some excellent ideas from DealDash.

Christmas has come and gone, and now you have a lot of new items to add to your already cluttered house. However, let’s try to keep the Christmas spirit going with kindness. Here’s a way to cut down on some of that clutter while enjoying your new gifts. Read on for some helpful ideas from DealDash.

Check your closet

Most people get a few new shirts, pairs of pants, or jackets as part of their Christmas haul. Our family typically tries to find one item to donate for each item that we receive. Look for the things that you haven’t worn this year. One of my favorite ways to track that is to have all of my hangers face the same direction at the start of the year. When I’ve worn something, I turn the hanger in the opposite direction.

Either way, consider donating the things that are still in good condition to a local organization. If you’re not interested in the trip to the thrift store, consider one of those “planet” donation boxes that you’ll find all over town. They make things convenient but still give you the chance to help someone out.

Check the Toy Chest

Much like our clothing, we quickly overload on toys for the kids (and dogs). Take a hard look at what your kids are playing with. See if you can pass those toys forward that aren’t as popular at your house. If your children are old enough, post-Christmas is the perfect time to help them get in on the project. Explain to them that you want to pass along that joy to another child. Remind them how happy they were to get something new on Christmas morning and that they could help give that feeling to another child.

Check the Kitchen

Somehow, we always end up getting wine glasses and coffee mugs as part of our Christmas gifts. I’m sure you can guess what we like to do in our spare time! Because of that, we quickly run out of space. These would be something that is easy to regift. If you’re not a fan of regifting or donating something like glasses and mugs, consider changing the layout of your kitchen. There are great examples on Pinterest of how you can set up a “mug wall”.

If You Didn’t Get What You Wanted, Check DealDash

Finally, as we all know, sometimes we don’t get what we really wanted during the holidays. That’s not a problem with DealDash. There are a few things that are hard to gift to people, such as a computer or video game system – things change so quickly it’s hard to know what the giftee really wants. I suspect this is why there are so many returns on the day after Christmas – the gifter tried their best but didn’t get the correct style or electronic spec. DealDash is here to help! If you wanted an electronic like a computer, game system, tablet, or speaker, simply check the Electronics and Computers category. For all other items, click this link to browse the categories and items.

Thanks for Reading

Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on keeping the Christmas spirit going through the year. Use these ideas and spread some happiness.

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