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DealDash Pets: New Bunny Care Tips

Did you receive a bunny as an Easter present? Or do you plan on adopting a bunny when they start filling the shelters in June? This bunny care tips article from DealDash is for you.

I would like to begin with saying – It’s not recommended to buy an actual pet “Easter bunny” as a gift. However, since Easter has passed, and you have ended up with a bunny, you need to read this information from DealDash to help you take care of your new friend. This article will also be helpful for the folks who plan on adopting one  — Read full post

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DealDash Pets: Basic Bunny Pointers

Spring is coming! You can see trees and flowers comes to life, you can start getting outside more often, and you can find baby rabbits everywhere if you’re interested in a new family pet. Read on for pointers from DealDash.

For starters, please do your homework before purchasing any pets. We realize that this article is probably part of that process, but we wanted to take a moment to point out the obvious. Please be sure that you have time for your new pet. Especially as “babies” animals need love and patience. Be sure you’re prepared for the commitment needed.  — Read full post

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DealDash Pets: The Benefits of Ownership


Pet ownership can be very rewarding. DealDash wants to tell you all about it.

Life can be hard sometimes. With this in mind, sometimes all you need is a little comfort. Owning a pet can help improve your life for the better.  Pets are not only fun to own, but they can also help you emotionally and physically. There are many benefits of having a pet. If you’ve ever wanted a pet here are 3 practical benefits of having a pet, from DealDash.

Helps Your Mood

Owning a pet can improve your mood. Have you ever felt down and lonely?  — Read full post

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DealDash Pets: Is My Pet Sick?


We all love our pets. Sometimes it’s difficult to know when they are sick. Here is more information from DealDash.

Taking care of your pet is a lot of responsibility. Pets cannot speak so sometimes it is hard to understand what they need. Once in a while, your dog or cat will become ill and will need some treatment.  It can be hard to tell when your cat or dog is sick. Here are 3 signs that you should look for, from DealDash

Diarrhea or Vomiting

It is normal for a pet to vomit once in a while. However, if  — Read full post


DealDash Pets: Bunnies

Rabbits are a wonderful pet for kids and adults. Let’s look a little closer at their care.

Do you know anyone who has a pet bunny? Rabbits are easy to care for, soft, cuddly, fairly inexpensive, and can even learn how to use a little box! Rabbits only need a few supplies, and a lot of love and attention from their family members. Here is a list of what you would need to procure before you get a rabbit as a pet.

  • A house. There are many commercially available bunny cages, hutches, and condos out there. Alternatively, you could “bunny
 — Read full post