DealDash Pets: Basic Bunny Pointers

Spring is coming! You can see trees and flowers comes to life, you can start getting outside more often, and you can find baby rabbits everywhere if you’re interested in a new family pet. Read on for pointers from DealDash.

For starters, please do your homework before purchasing any pets. We realize that this article is probably part of that process, but we wanted to take a moment to point out the obvious. Please be sure that you have time for your new pet. Especially as “babies” animals need love and patience. Be sure you’re prepared for the commitment needed. DealDash has some basic bunny pointers for you.

Bunny Proof Your Home

With that in mind, it’s important to bunny proof your house. They can reach anything that is less than 3 feet off of the floor. So, you should bunny proof your house. If you let the rabbit roam, it may gnaw at the baseboards.

Get All of Your Supplies First

We can offer a few pointers for your supplies. First, make sure you have the basics. You’ll need a cage to keep your new pet in. It’s important to make sure the cage is large enough for the rabbit to move around in. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but I’d recommend at least 2-3 feet wide. The larger, the better. You should fill the cage with hay. For a young rabbit, you should look for alfalfa hay.

Looking beyond a cage, you need a litter box. You can use a typical cat litter box or make one of your own with a small plastic container. It’s important to buy rabbit litter. It’s much safer than cat litter. You can cover the litter with some hay.

Don’t Forget the Food

Rabbits eat more than just hay, so it’s important that you add green vegetables to their diet. You can try kale, mint, broccoli leaves (the stem can cause tummy aches), lettuce, and celery. Finally, you need some entertainment.

Socialization and Training

While all of these things are important, also remember the significance of socialization. While rabbits can be a bit destructive, you should let them out so that they can roam around and interact with everyone in your house. You can let them roam inside or outside, but be sure that you keep the area safe. You don’t want your new pet getting stepped on and you don’t want him getting out of the yard.

DealDash Has Pet Supplies

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Thanks for Reading the Blog

I hope that this article has been helpful if you have been considering getting a pet rabbit. Remember, bunnies are playful creatures. Whether you want to purchase rabbit toys or offer something as simple as a cardboard box, they need something to keep them entertained. A cardboard box can be a “castle” that allows the rabbit to explore and chew.II hope that you found this DealDash article on bunnies helpful.

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