DealDash Spring Cleaning Series: The Bathroom


Spring is almost here. Get started on your spring cleaning with DealDash’s newest cleaning series.

Our next installment of the Spring Cleaning series is looking at your bathroom. It’s probably one of the rooms that gets a ton of attention, so it’s likely to need the most help. This is a reminder of some of the deep cleaning that could make your bathroom shine again. Read on for some really excellent cleaning suggestions.

Fresh Linens

Start by going through your linens. No one likes a towel that’s been around for a decade. It thins out and isn’t soft anymore. Let’s be honest- do you feel as clean when you use an old, worn-out towel or washcloth? Take a minute to find the linen you don’t want to use and repurpose it, donate it, or throw it away. You can always use these as cleaning cloths, stick a few in your car just in case you need them, or use them as packing material when you mail something fragile.

Get New Linens on DealDash

When you’re done cleaning the bathroom it’s time to get a few new things to brighten up the space. There are lots of items that you can get on DealDash that will make your bathroom look clean and cheery. Click here to see the choices. Don’t forget to replace the linens that you got rid of earlier. Check out the Home, Garden, and Tools category for all of the choices available to you.

Clean Out the Medicine Cabinet

Next, look in your cabinet. There’s a good chance that there’s some medication in there that you don’t need anymore. Maybe it’s expired, maybe it was never effective, or maybe you hated the taste of it so much that you’re just not going to use it. Either way, make some extra space and throw your medication away. Be sure to check the dates and get rid of anything that is close to its expiration date.

Don’t Forget the Fan

We all forget about the bathroom fan when we’re cleaning. You may take the time to clean the outside, but when is the last time you took the cover off to make sure that the motor wasn’t completely clogged with dust and debris? Take a few minutes to clean the interior with a wet cloth. It’ll make things run smoother (and possibly more quietly).

Make Your Mirror Sparkle

It’s probably a good idea to do a deep clean on your mirrors. Over time, we don’t even realize there are smudges, but they’re hiding in plain view. Take a few minutes to clean with a lint-free cloth. If you don’t want to pay for a high-end glass cleaner, you can make one with vinegar and water.

Thanks for Reading

These cleaning and organizing suggestions for your bathroom will make the space more inviting and comfortable to use. Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on cleaning the bathroom. Be sure to check out our other articles in this series.

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