DealDash Holiday: Plan an Easter Party


Easter is coming, and now is the perfect time to begin planning your family’s Easter celebration. DealDash can help.

Planning a fun Easter celebration is something you should do for your family if you have young children. It’s easy and fun to make a plan for your family to be able to enjoy this holiday. Here are a few suggestions for planning a lively Easter celebration, from DealDash.

Everyone’s Favorite – The Egg Hunt

Firstly, you will want to plan an Easter egg hunt. If you only have one child coming to your celebration, then you don’t have to worry about making sure everyone finds some eggs, but if you have multiple children you should assign each child a specific color of egg. This way each child will be able to find the same amount of eggs. This is especially important if you have a wide range of ages participating. You wouldn’t want the big kids to swoop through and find all of the eggs before the toddlers and preschool kids are able to find any.

Crafts Will Be a Hit

Kids love to do crafts, and they are a nice way to keep them occupied for a little while so the adults get a break. As my husband likes to say – keep it simple. There’s no need to plan out anything too elaborate, so plan some simple Easter crafts for the kids. Of course, you will need to plan for the different ages of kids participating. For the toddlers, this can be something as simple as bunny coloring pages, and for the older kids, you should consider getting a few craft kits from the craft store. This is a great way for to kids to make something to remember the celebration. 

Party Outside if Possible

Parties that have kids involved are always better outside if the weather is nice. You will have less clean-up to do after, and they will be able to get out some energy out and be louder than they would be able to be inside. Be sure to have outdoor games planned for the kids. Consider making a “pin the tail on the bunny” game, have a table and ingredients set up for them to make slime, and have water guns and bubbles available. The kids will have a blast and there will be a minimal mess to clean up. 

Get Party Supplies and Games on DealDash

Games can be a fun part of throwing a party for kids. They can play musical chairs, water games and other types of games meant for indoor or outdoors. I’ve got good news! DealDash has fun toys and games that you can incorporate into your Easter party. The Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games category is the perfect place to browse. Just click here and check out the fun items.

Thanks for Reading

Planning an Easter celebration is not very difficult. Spend your time planning age-appropriate activities for the kids, provide some party foods, and your Easter party is sure to be a success.

Use the tips from this article to plan an Easter party. The Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games category has party games and fun items. Visit now to see how much you can save. Have a great time and happy bidding everyone! 




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