DealDash Pets: Is My Pet Sick?


We all love our pets. Sometimes it’s difficult to know when they are sick. Here is more information from DealDash.

Taking care of your pet is a lot of responsibility. Pets cannot speak so sometimes it is hard to understand what they need. Once in a while, your dog or cat will become ill and will need some treatment.  It can be hard to tell when your cat or dog is sick. Here are 3 signs that you should look for, from DealDash

Diarrhea or Vomiting

It is normal for a pet to vomit once in a while. However, if they vomit several times a day and also lack energy, you need to contact your veterinarian.  Vomiting or diarrhea can be a serious sign of other illnesses such as stomach issues and parasites. Blood in the stool is also a warning sign that your dog needs to see a vet.

Lack of Appetite

Monitoring your pets eating habits is very important. If you notice that your pet is not eating normally, you should try to figure out what is wrong with him. Dogs and cats can stop eating for a number of reasons such as stress, fever, pain, or illness. If the lack of appetite last more than 24 hours it is time to see a vet. Of course, if your pet is known to be a picky eater, then this might not apply to you. Try feeding them their favorite food, even if it’s a treat, and see if they are interested.

Changes in Bathroom Habits

When your pet is using the bathroom more, it can be a sign of diabetes. Increased urination can also be a sign of a liver or kidney issue.  Some of the signs are wetting inside the house or using the bathroom in the middle of the night. You may realize that you are filling up the water bowl more often. If you notice any of these signs, you should contact your vet immediately for a diagnosis.

There can be other reasons that your pet might have a change in their bathroom habits. If you’ve recently moved into a new house or gotten a new pet, then sometimes older pets can act out. If the problem persists, please see your vet.

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When you have a pet, they are a part of your family, and it is best to recognize these warning signs before things get worse.  Remember not to panic when you notice these signs.  Schedule an appointment with your vet so you can get the proper diagnosis.

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