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DealDash Helps Keep You Fit in Chilly Weather


Even though it’s getting colder that’s no reason to ignore your fitness. Here are some suggestions from DealDash to stay fit even in the winter.

Are you are looking to stay healthy even when trapped inside by ice and snow? It can be a little more difficult to keep up with your fitness routine in the winter, but here are some ideas from DealDash to keep you on track.

Exercise in the Winter Can Be Fun!

For starters, winter can be tricky to get some exercise, but you have options. You don’t need to do anything outdoors if you prefer to stay inside out of the cold. Did you know that you actually burn calories while doing the vacuuming, laundry, or mopping? Even playing with your kids can burn quite a few calories. This is a great way to keep fit and healthy in the cold months.

Save on Fitness Supplies With DealDash

If you would like to stay active in the winter, no problem! You can use fitness equipment in the home – use your basement, garage, or spare room. DealDash has plenty of types of fitness equipment for you to choose from. Just click this link and check out the fitness items. You will find things like treadmills, exercise bikes, and sports equipment. Just click here to check them out! Browse the Hobbies, Toys, Outdoors, and Games category to see the choices.

Use the Kitchen to Stay Healthy

Finally, eating healthy is quite important when you want to stay healthy. Definitely try adding more fruit, vegetables and lean meats such as skinless chicken to your diet. Eating well will help you stay fit and keep you feeling energetic and healthy, too! A great way to cook your healthy food is by baking, grilling, or even using an air fryer to cook your food. These methods will help to keep you fit, unlike deep frying.

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Staying fit in the winter can be tricky, but these tips can help. Follow these suggestions, and stay fit through the winter season. Thanks for reading the newest blog article. I hope that you found this DealDash article on staying fit helpful.

If you need any exercise supplies DealDash can help. Check out DealDash for fitness supplies and exercise machines. Have fun on DealDash, and happy bidding everyone!  dealdash

  This sponsored DealDash blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. Read even more at DealDashBlog.comDealDashTips.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

DealDash Home: Prep Your Home for Chilly Weather


Most houses need some winter prep. Read these suggestions from DealDash to get some ideas.

As the temperatures drop and the leaves start to fall, it’s time to prepare for winter. Winter preparations aren’t especially difficult but can take some time. Read this article, and you will get some ideas on how to do winter prep on your home, from DealDash.

Change Your Detector Batteries

First, when you’re looking to keep your home safe, you start indoors. Let’s start by looking at your interior. You should check the detectors in your home. Whether it’s a smoke or carbon monoxide, you should change your batteries when you change your clocks. The clocks “fall back” on November 3. While you’re at it, it’s important to look at the filters in your HVAC system. Changing your filters will improve airflow and air quality.

Stay Warm and Cozy

Moving on to the exterior of your home, it’s important to focus on drafts in your house. Throughout the year, you may find that there are gaps where your windows and doors connect to the house. You can easily seal these gaps for less than $5. Gett instructions and supplies from your local hardware store.

Winterize Your Outdoor Faucets and Gutters

While you’re looking at the exterior gaps, you should also pay close attention to your outdoor faucets. Winterizing is as simple as cutting the water off and turning the faucet to the on position. This will get all the water out so that you don’t have to worry about the pipes freezing. Finally, you should be sure that you clear out your gutters. There’s nothing worse than having to go out on a cold, rainy day to clean your gutters. Some of the leaves have fallen, so now is the perfect timing.

Tidy Your Leaves

Looking at the yard, there are a few key areas to focus on. First, you should be sure to rake and bag your leaves. It doesn’t seem like something important, but it will make the yard look nice and can keep the critters away. Likewise, you should trim your trees. This is a forgotten part of winter prep. By trimming trees away from your house, it makes it much harder for squirrels to get into your attic.

Get Indoor and Outdoor Home Supplies From DealDash

The perfect place to get indoor and outdoor home supplies is DealDash! Also, there are many different home decor and storage products to choose from. You will find things to improve and beautify your home each and every day. Also, if you’re looking for a snow thrower, shovel, or other tools, check us first. Just click on this link here to see the different options that are offered. You can also check out the Home, Garden, and Tools category for more options. Just click here!

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I hope these tips will help give you some suggestions on how to prepare your home for the coming chilly weather. Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on preparing your home. Don’t forget to check back often for new articles here.

DealDash has home improvement and tool auctions. DealDash has auctions for indoor and outdoor home decor. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Have a great time on DealDash and happy bidding everyone!


This sponsored DealDash blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company. Read even more on DealDashTips.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

DealDash Suggestions for an Eye-Catching Lawn


Landscaping is an important part of a beautiful lawn and garden. Here are a few ideas from DealDash to improve the look of your lawn.

Landscaping is an important element of your garden. You can make your home look attractive with proper landscaping techniques. Spending a lot of money isn’t required to make your yard look pleasing to the eye. You can have a beautiful landscape by doing these simple tips. Here are a few landscaping tips for an eye-catching garden, from DealDash.

Have a Decorative Walkway

First, having a beautiful walkway will add a touch of personality to your garden. You can create an eye-catching walkway using concrete stones, crushed stones, or a decorative brick. To make the walkway match or complement your house, use a material that is similar to the outside of your home. Also, use materials such as a stone or brick.

Use a Huge Rock

Next, if you want to see people stopping in their tracks when they are walking past your garden, consider making a statement with your decorations. An easy way to make a statement is to purchase giant rocks for your landscape. If you are not sure of what rocks to use, you should ask a professional landscaper. They can point you in the right direction. Additionally, you can also call the rock quarry if you have one local to you.

Outdoor Seating Area

Putting in a patio near your lawn away from your home can also provide an outside escape. You can use pavers, stones, or concrete. Also, if you are looking for a bench, you can shop on DealDash! You will find decorative benches, outdoor storage benches, and other selections.

Get Home Decor Items from DealDash

Finally, a beautiful home, indoors and out, can be achieved with home décor. DealDash has many eye-catching and gorgeous home décor items up for bid every single day. These items range from indoor art and sculpture to outdoor fountains and birdbaths.

All of these things are able to be either bid on or bought directly by doing a Buy It Now (BIN). When you do a BIN on an item, it means that you pay the BIN price located on the auction’s page and receive all of your bids back. Furthermore, this is a great way to save bids and still get the item that you want!

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Your garden is a place where you can let your creativity shine. These tips will help you maintain a beautiful landscape. Visit DealDash now to see the beautiful decor selections.

Remember to consult a professional if you need any help with your landscaping ideas. They can get the job done correctly and can answer any questions you may have. When you use these tips, you will have an attractive landscape that will turn heads.


This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company. This sponsored DealDash blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Read even more at DealDashTips.comDealDashReviewed.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus. Dawn was compensated by DealDash for this blog post.

Save in 2019 With DealDash Financial Resolutions


Keep an eye on your money in 2019. Use these helpful tips from DealDash to save money in the new year.

The New Year is here and it is time to gain financial control from all of the holiday spending. 2019 is the perfect time to save money, cut back on expenses, and live a more frugal lifestyle. It is good to have broad goals, but when it comes to finances you have to be specific. Here are 3 financial New Year’s resolutions, from DealDash.

Be Cautious of Where Your Money Goes

One of the biggest money problems people have is not knowing where their money goes. Money does not go on trees so it is best to figure out what you are doing with your money. Keeping track of your spending and expenses in a spreadsheet will help you save more money. Unnecessary purchases will put you in debt quickly. If you find yourself shopping a lot, try to create a budget for your extra spending. Knowing how you spend your money is the first step to financial freedom.

Save Money by Buying Essentials on DealDash

DealDash users have been very excited about the big new car and vacation auctions on DealDash. However, keep in mind that you can still get some great home essentials on DealDash. When you bid on an item for your home that you were planning on buying anyway you can sometimes win and get an amazing deal. Other times, when you don’t win, you can simply do a Buy It Now (BIN) on the item and receive all of your bids back to use again. This will save you money in the long run because you can keep recycling your bids over and over when doing a BIN.

There are two categories that you will want to check before shipping at a brick and mortar store. Explore the Home, Garden, and Tools category as well as the Kitchen and Dining category before buying full-price elsewhere.

Create an Emergency Fund

The New Year’s is the perfect time to build up an emergency fund. Try saving a percentage of your paycheck for emergencies. You should be prepared for medical emergencies, car problems and other situations that may come up. It is best to have at least 3 months of living expenses saved up for emergencies. 

Make Extra Money

Where you tight on money last year? Having a side hustle can help you bring in more money for your family. There are plenty of ways to make extra money like doing some part-time work online or offline. Other options are to sell products online or at your local flea market. There are also websites that will pay you for your opinions such as survey sites and GPT (Get Paid To) sites. A little pocket change every now and then will go a long way.

Thanks for Reading

I hope these tips will give you some ideas on financial New Year’s resolutions. It is time for a new start, and to have financial freedom. When you use these tips, you will be financially smart in 2019.

Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on helpful financial resolutions for the new year. Don’t forget to check back often for new articles here.

Saving money is smart. Check out DealDash for kitchen and home items. DealDash has the things you need. Visit DealDash now and save. Have a great time on DealDash and happy bidding everyone! 


This sponsored DealDash blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company. Read even more on DealDashTips.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.

DealDash Helps Winterize Your Backyard


Now is the time to start winterizing your lawn and garden. Here are some tips from DealDash to get the job done.

Your outside plants have looked beautiful for you all summer long, making your backyard a location you’re proud of. Effectively winterizing your grass and also yard plants is an essential tool for healthy turf, as well as strong plants following year. You should also keep in mind to care for your exterior lawn devices, including your grass and horticulture items, and also all of your yard decorations. A little time invested this fall will certainly make your plants, grass, and landscape design a lot more pleasurable the following springtime! Read on for some great tips and information from DealDash.

A Little Work Now, an Easier Time Later

Always begin with the simple work. Firstly, you will want to either cover or store away your delicate planters and wind chimes, as well as your deck furnishings. Unglazed terra-cotta planters left full of dirt outdoors will certainly frequently burst or crack in the freezing temperature levels. It is best to cleanse them and also put them in a storage space location where they are safeguarded from the outdoors. This actally happened to me last year – I left a terra-cotta pot outside, and by the time of the first snowfall my pot had cracked down the side and is not useless.

Relocate Your Bird Feeders

Fall is the season to relocate your birdfeeders and also to begin equipping your winter month’s animal feeding cupboard. Your feathery pals will certainly be crowding to your feeders for that nourishing nibble during the winter. Keep in mind to maintain your feeders during the wintertime as the birds require trusted food resources via the cold weather. Try to relocate your bird feeders to a place that will still be accessible to you when there is snow on the ground. A bird feeder with no way to put food in it is no good to your little chirpy friends.

Take Care of the Garden

After doing the simple jobs, carry on to the tougher winterizing tasks. Prepare to winterize the veggie patch. After the initial frost, eliminate the yearly plants as well as dead plant life. You can include this product to your compost heap. You’ll also want to pull seasonal weeds, then put down mulch in your yard for the wintertime. Consider using rubber mulch, as you will have to put down much, much less each year compared to traditional mulch.

Raking the Leaves

In most lawns, there’s the significant task of raking fallen leaves. These are excellent either in the compost heap or as straight compost on the yard. Seasonal blossoms should be surrounded by a hefty layer of compost. Wait to trim your trees till later on in the winter months.

Cover Your Hedges

After the ground freezes, you can mulch your seasonal blossoms as well as recently grown trees. Some hedges will require being covered in cloth to shield them from wind damages, sunlight scald, and also various other winter months injury such as snow.

Care for Your Mower

Finally, be sure to put away your lawnmower properly for the winter. Drain the gas from your lawnmower into a container for disposal. If you do not wish to ‘lose’ that little of gas, include a gas conditioner prior to the long winter season. Make sure to comply with the instructions on the bottle.

Also, care for every one of your landscape design tools prior to storing it for the cool winter season. Wash them and also dry them. If you take time to hone the blades before putting them away, you’ll see that the first grass trimming task in the springtime will be a little bit less complicated. As a final task, care for their fresh sharp blades by using a little spray oil for the blades. Then all that’s left to do is store them somewhere dry like your garage, shed, or basement.

Need a Place to Store Your Tools?

DealDash offers many storage solutions for lawn and garden equipment. If you go to the Home, Garden, and Tools category on DealDash you will find many choices. There are many different styles such as wall units, shelving, and free-standing closets. These items look great in a basement, garage, or workshop.

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Thanks so much for checking out this blog post on tips and ideas to winterize your lawn. Remember to check back often for new blog posts each week. Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any requests for specific articles or product reviews. I enjoy seeing your comments and answering your DealDash questions.

Do you need lawn items? Go check DealDash for lawn and garden auctions. DealDash has all of the outdoor items that you need. Visit DealDash now to see how much you can save. Have a great time on DealDash and happy bidding everyone!


This sponsored DealDash blog article was written by Dawn E, a mother of 3 who loves DealDash. Dawn was compensated for writing this article. This blog is written by real DealDash customers. The opinions and advice shared here represent our customers’ views and not those of the company. Read even more on DealDashTips.com, or on her own blog, DawnBlogtopus.