Big Wins Small Steps DealDash

Why I Bid Small

I’ve been shopping on for over 1 year and my auction bidding strategy is to bid small.

I enjoy bidding on the lower valued items DealDash lists up for auction. Why? I continue to choose this strategy because I am able to win easier and I enjoy winning auctions. Since beginning my shopping and bidding experience on DealDash I have won 93 auctions in total and have received some really great deals. Another reason I like bidding on small items is because I have not been as successful with the big ticket / high value items like I have been with the smaller items, which I love.

I mainly like to bid on gift cards but here are a few of the items which I have won.

  • Foscam Wireless IP Camera = 52 Bids used
  • InnoTab 2 Learning Tablet by Vtech = 21 Bids used

DealDash Auctions

In total for these two items above I used 73 of my bids. Here’s an article worth reading about how you can get free bids on DealDash. It’s called How I Get 300 Free DealDash Bids Every Week. Did you know it’s possible to collect that many free bids every week just for sharing pictures of the items you won?

More examples of auctions I have won:

  • $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card = 62 Bids used
  • $25 Cabela’s Gift Card = 30 Bids used
  • $10 Cabela’s Gift Card = 3 Bids used
  • 25 Bid Pack! = 11 Bids used
  • 60 Bid Pack! = 32 Bids used

I may have won 93 auctions so far, however I have also used the buy it now probably 150 times to get my bids back! This helps me prevent from having to spend additional money on new bids in order to play. Rather I can continue shopping normally and I always have bids loaded back to my account. If you don’t know what the “buy it now” is, you better learn it! It’s pretty simple… if you don’t win, you can buy the item you tried to win and get your bids back.

I say let the big fish try for all those laptops, large TV’s, pro cameras, etc! I am happy with my gift cards and the little items I can easily give away as presents.

Happy Bidding!


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