Winsome Trading Ava accent table

DealDashing for a Winsome Trading Accent Table

Since Christmas and the main holiday shopping season has come and gone, bidding on DealDash changes, too.

The ideas of gift cards and gifts for family and friends turns to thoughts of the new year and the kinds of changes I would like to see in my home. My spare bedroom has not been decorated since my son got married so I thought it would be nice to start adding a few touches here and there to his old room, so I went out and won the Winsome Trading Ava accent table.

DealDash often has furniture pieces up for auction. I have looked at some of the auctions and thought it might be nice to start small and see if I could win some new pieces I could add to the room. The Winsome Trading accent table came up often and I thought I might try to bid on one and see if I could win, and on my first try I won!

The bedside Winsome Trading accent table sold for only $4.35 and I used 76 bids bringing my total spending to approximately $15 for the new table. I know I could not go to the store and buy a new table for $15 so I was very happy with this deal!

The instructions do say some assembly required, and they were not kidding. In total it came with 105 pieces (including screws and bolts, etc.). The wood sides, top and drawers are solid and I was able to put the entire table together without any help. I was determined to put the table together and be ready by the weekend and it was complete! The Winsome Trading accent table is perfect for the bedroom, and for my first piece of redecorating the room. Plus it’s a quality piece of furniture I am proud to own. Here are the before and after pictures of the Winsome Trading accent table I won.

Winsome Trading Ava accent table

I can always count on DealDash for quality, fast shipping, and fun auctions!