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6 Tips Of Advice For Beginning Bidders

If you are a beginner with DealDash, there are a few things you should know. Follow these 6 beginning bidder tips of advice for a great shopping experience.

1.) Start small

When you’re bidding for the first time be sure to start small to get the feel of the bidding process. Start bidding on the under $25 items such as $15 gift cards, or other items in that price range as these will generally be easier to win. The larger, more valuable, items are typically harder to win because they are more popular and tend to have more bidders. If you’re not comfortable yet with the bidding process, stick to the smaller items until you’ve developed a good bidding strategy.

2.) Review, watch and study the auctions

Review, watch and study the auctions for a while to get familiar with the patterns of how others bid. There are many strategies people use when it come to bidding so it’s a good tip to take the time to watch some of the auctions first to try and spot the rhythms and patterns of bidding. You’ll likely begin to notice the same bidders repeating in the same bidding order over and over. This means they have bids booked in their BidBuddy. If you can spot when others have a BidBuddy booked, you’re likely going to greatly increase your odds of winning!

3.) Set your bid limit

You should always set a limited number of bids for items and don’t go over your limit. Calculate in advance how many bids make sense to use in the auction. Once you’ve placed that number of bids in an auction you should not overbid. Instead, stop bidding and use the Buy it Now to get your bids back and the item you want. Also see: Surprisingly Simple Calculation To Help You Determine How Many Bids To Use Before Stopping.

4.) Use your BidBuddy

BidBuddy is a great tool and places your bids during the last seconds of the auction. Place a few bids and watch for a while. You don’t have to put all your bids in at one time and you can cancel at anytime. When you cancel or win an auction, all the unused bids you booked in the BidBuddy will be returned back to your account.

5.) Buy it Now if you Lose

If you followed tip 3 and set a limit for yourself and stuck to it but still did not win the auction, use the Buy it Now option. You can buy the item at normal price and get all your bids back to try again. It’s available for 7 days from when the auction sold so you have plenty of time to decide if you really want the item. For the best experience it may be good to make this decision before the auction even begins, leading to the next tip.

6.) Only bid on items you really want

By following this tip and only bidding on items you really want or need, you’ll probably be more comfortable using the Buy it Now option in case you don’t win. This helps ensure you don’t lose your bids and you still get the item you were in the market for. Of course if you know you want something, why not just go and buy it at the store somewhere else? Well… you can certainly do that but if you’re looking for a more fun and exciting shopping experience, why not try and win it first on DealDash?

Bonus Tip:

New bidders have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t win an auction with your first bid pack purchase, DealDash will return them free for a second chance so you can try again. If for whatever reason you are not happy, you can also get your money back from your first bid pack purchase within 90 days. This is unconditional if you win or lose auctions, or whether you use your bids or not. It’s called the DealDash Promise and it is by far the most extensive, new user satisfaction guarantee refund policy in the marketplace. Just contact the DealDash customer support team for more details!

What do you think of these DealDash tips for beginners? Share other tips in the comments below.DealDash Tips