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What is DeaDash? What Makes DealDash Legit

I am a bidder on DealDash since 2010. I bid for many reasons and will let you know a bit about DealDash and why it is not a scam.

Here are a few reasons why I like to bid on DealDash auctions.

  1. Fun and entertainment
  2. Great deals on merchandize
  3. Gifts for family and friends
  4. Upgrading items I need for my home

I have won or used the Buy it Now option for many items. Lately I have been almost offended at a few bidders that bash DealDash. I feel like these bidders do not understand the process of bidding. So I would like to help you understand DealDash.

You must understand just because you bid you will not always win. But the beauty of DealDash is that they offer a buy it now option.

Here is how DealDash works

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You place the number of bids you are willing to bid on an item either by bidding live or by placing the number of bids you are willing to risk with BidBuddy (BidBuddy bids for you automatically). Remember you can win or lose with either option. But losing is not really losing if you have planned you bids properly. Let me explain: If I was willing to use 25 bids to try and win an item; and both the live option and bid buddy has been completed, I then use the buy it now option. The buy it now option is the ability to purchase the items at a normal retail cost plus get your bids back. Now that is a great deal!

Another great deal is DealDash regularly offers bids at a reduced rate. They return bids with the buy it now option. Also, they give you options of winning bids or getting free bids in many ways.

I believe DealDash go out of their way to make your experience of bidding successful. Plus bidders like me are trying to help others by answering your questions and attesting to winning many items.

I am taking time out writing you to let you know how DealDash works, how to make you successful, and explaining the process of bidding. I love DealDash and I will continue to bid.

By Victoria L Overton

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