DealDash Presents 4 Flowers to Plant During Summer


If you want to instantly cheer up your yard, plants some flowers. Here are four flowers you can plant in the summer, from DealDash.

It is finally time for hot weather. Although spring is over, it does not mean that you cannot still plant beautiful flowers. Many people think that you should only plant flowers during the springtime. There are some plants that can withstand the heat during the summer. They are easy to plant and will add beautiful colors to your yard. Here are four flowers to plant during the summer.


Zinnias are the best way to add a little pop of color in your garden for a cheap price. They attract beautiful butterflies so expect, some company in your garden. Zinnias grow successfully in full sunlight and with a daily dose of water.


Hibiscus is a popular and classic plant. They can bring a warm tropical look to your garden, even if you do not live in an area with tropical weather. Hibiscus needs a lot of water and plenty of space to grow. You can keep the feeling of summer year-round with these spectacular flowers.


Canna is another popular summer flower that brings a tropical feel to your garden. These durable and vibrant plants grow best in afternoon shade and is a popular flower down south. They need plenty of water and sunlight. Cannas are a great way to add some beautiful colors to your yard.


Marigolds are a beautiful plant. It comes in a beautiful yellow and orange color. If you want to add some bright colors to your yard, Marigolds are the perfect plant. These flowers are low maintenance and need plenty of sunshine to grow.

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The summertime is the best time to plant new flowers. These flowers can add some liveliness to your yard. When you plant these flowers, you will have a beautiful garden during the summer. Thanks so much for reading this DealDash article on flowers to plant in the summer.

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