DealDash Pets: Bunnies

Rabbits are a wonderful pet for kids and adults. Let’s look a little closer at their care.

Do you know anyone who has a pet bunny? Rabbits are easy to care for, soft, cuddly, fairly inexpensive, and can even learn how to use a little box! Rabbits only need a few supplies, and a lot of love and attention from their family members. Here is a list of what you would need to procure before you get a rabbit as a pet.

  • A house. There are many commercially available bunny cages, hutches, and condos out there. Alternatively, you could “bunny proof” a room of your home and let your bunny live there instead of in an actual cage. Bunny proofing requires an eye to detail, and can be time-consuming. If you go the cage route, be sure to get as big a cage as space and budget allows.
  • A litter box. As with the cage, the bigger the better when it comes to litter boxes. Try to get the largest litter box that can fit comfortably in the space that you have allotted to it. You don’t even have to buy an actual litter box. Get creative! A fairly shallow storage bin, like the kind meant to go under a bed would work great. Don’t forget to get the litter! Try the kind made out of recycled paper, bunnies like that kind the best.
  • Water bowl. A large heavy bowl works great, and as an added bonus you can just pop it right in the dishwasher when you are doing the dishes.
  • Hay. The biggest part of your furry friend’s diet should be Timothy hay.
  • Food pellets. You don’t need a lot of food pellets, but variety is the spice of life, so be sure to pick up some food pellets for your bunny to supplement his hay diet.
  • Love. Lots of love. Be sure to hold and cuddle your bunny friend daily. Let him run around in a rabbit proofed area every day and he will be a happy and healthy pet.

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