DealDash Cooks: Adding More Taste to Your Cooking


Your cooking tastes great – but could it taste better? Read this article from DealDash to learn how to incorporate more taste into your cooking.

Are you having trouble with your meals tasting bland? Could you use some help in making your next meal taste great? Everyone loves food that has exciting tastes. Here are some tips for being able to do just that, from DealDash.

Marinate Your Food

You could choose to marinate your food. Marinating your food will not only help to give it a great taste but it can also help to make tougher cuts of meat much easier to work with and enjoy at the dinner table. You can even marinate vegetables if you wish to do so when preparing your next meal. You can make your own marinade, buy a prepared one, or even just use Italian dressing. The choice is yours, depending on the flavor that you are seeking.

Use Your Kitchen Tools to Help

If you have some vegetables that you think are a little past their prime and you have a food processor you can puree the vegetables. You can do things like adding them to a soup to thicken and enhance the flavor. Doing this can not only add nutrients to a dish but some great flavors as well. This is also an excellent way to hide veggies from picky eaters.

Add Fruit – Nature’s Candy

If you would like to brighten up a meal consider adding some fruit to it. You can do things like adding mangoes to salsa or create a peach sauce to go along with pork chops. The possibilities are really endless here for some great flavor combinations. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also a great way to incorporate more fruits into your family’s diet.

Try Adding Texture

If you would like to add a nice crunchy texture to your meals then think about adding some nuts to your next dish. You can add walnuts to add a nice crunch to a salad or crushed pecans can make a nice breading for fish or chicken. You can really add some interesting flavors to your meals here. If you are not a fan of nuts, then you could also try adding crushed Corn Flakes as a breading, instead. It also will provide a nice crunch with much less fat.

Thanks for Reading

These are just a few of the things that you can do to add more taste to your meals. So the next time you think that the meal that you are preparing could use some help then consider one or more of these tips to add some new flavor combinations to your cooking. Your family will love it!

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